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expanding your business expanding businessBusiness expansion can happen either at the old premises or new ones or sometimes, in both. As any business owner will attest- setting up the business is a task in itself. Changing it to scale up as the economy and current scenario stands, is double the effort.


There are valuable documents, records, tax paperwork that need to move. Furniture that was bought with a lot of thought and care to fit into a particular space needs replacing.


But there's also an opportunity to completely change the way your business operates - all for the better.


If you are looking for expanding your business in the Delhi-NCR region, then we offer the following ways in which utilizing Self-Storage India's facility will turn out to be a boon in this new chapter of your entrepreneurial journey.


Using the utility lockers for documents


If documents are all you worry about and you've got the furniture handled, then one of Self-Storage India's utility lockers will be the safest spot for your documents containing sensitive information.


These sturdy cabinets are built with steel and measuring 16" x 18" x 24" can store up to 30 business files. There is also the provision to receive mail and packages on behalf of our clients, so your confidential transactions can be safely kept under wraps.  Until Self-Storage India receives express written permission by you, your information will remain undivulged.



Using the private rooms for storing your inventory


This point is especially relevant for start-ups.


Start-ups begin with as little space as possible. Depictions of working in garages and small rooms at home are quite popular.  But this arrangement cannot go on forever.


If you make a product that performs well in the market and suddenly you need to make thousands of shipments each day, then where do you store all of those products?


In a private storage room at Self Storage India, of course.


Even before the product hits the market, you would need a proper and secure

storage place for your prototypes.

To find more details about the room sizes that align with your needs, click here.


The facility is treated for pest control every month and is kept secure with 24*7 surveillance; your products would be in safe hands. Moreover, you can lease a room for as little or as long as you like. The minimum period is one month. You only have to inform Self-Storage India one month in advance if you wish to vacate.


Using private rooms for furniture


Private rooms can be of use for keeping your furniture while you move. You do not have to continue paying the rent for your old office space simply because there is no room to keep your furniture; you can store it all at Self Storage India.


Store it in one of our state-of-the-art, dedicated private rooms and work-from-home or at a co-working space until your new premises are ready.


Other ways self-storage facilities are useful in expanding your business:


  • storing Raw materials
  • storing Office files
  • Drop shipments
  • Excess inventory Storage
  • Storing Manufacturer's samples
  • Hospital/ legal records Storage
  • Storing retailer's seasonal decorations
  • Mobile equipment storage
  • Theatrical scenery storage
  • Campaign materials
  • Merchandise and supplies


Self-storage facilities, thus, have a lot of usage for businesses. You do not need to be moving or shifting premises to avail these services.


Expanding your business can mean looking for better ways to work. When you book a private room or utility locker at Self Storage India, expansion and work betterment have already commenced.


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