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Box Storage

Unused items in our homes or offices tend to make their way into boxes that then take up valuable living space. Instead of stacking boxes in the corners of your rooms or against the walls, why not get yourself a dedicated box storage unit? It is convenient and handy when it comes to figuring out a way to store them till the time you need them back.

Our homes tend to see a lot of movement over time. As more things come into our possession, the easiest way to make way is by collecting all the older items in boxes and keeping them away. Not only do these start accumulating over time, but they also create a hindrance to normal life. They also take away the beauty of your home aesthetic. This is where self-storage can ease things for you.

You might wonder what exactly is box storage, and why should it matter to me? Imagine this. What if your home could be clear of all those filled up boxes that have been piling up? Wouldn’t it be more spacious and clean? What if you could find a way to safely store your boxes safely and access them when you like?

Now that we’ve got your interest, let’s introduce you to Self Storage India. As India’s oldest and leading provider of self-storage service, we are the name you can bank upon when it comes to storage. If you need a unit to place your parcels, we have enough space in our Noida and Gurugram warehouses.

Our box storage units are ideal if you wish to keep boxes. Customers generally bring boxes of old antiques, festive or decorate items, old and unused toys, precious gifts, extra appliances or equipment, old files and folders, extra office stationery, etc. However, it’s upon you to decide what you want to keep. All we request is that you do not store any perishable or inflammable items.

Self Storage India’s Box Storage

When you rent a unit with us, you get access to 3 feet x 3 feet of storage area. This space is enough to store anywhere between five to 15 boxes of varying sizes. You can check out the room and accordingly decide what kind of boxes you would like to keep.

With the right stacking techniques, you will be able to make the most of the unit. Most people tend to store things horizontally, but you can expand your storage size to include more boxes by using vertical stacking methods.

Here are some tips on stacking things in your box storage unit:

1. Place heavy boxes at the bottom

Weigh all the boxes you have and ensure that the heaviest ones stay at the bottom. Then arrange the rest in descending order of weight with the lightest on the top. If you keep heavier boxes above the lighter ones, the ones below will get crushed by the weight. If you’ve got expensive or delicate items in the lower compartments, you are risking damage too.

2. The correct height

Now that the heavy boxes at the bottom and the light ones on top, you may be tempted to keep going as high as possible. Know that you could damage the heavy boxes at the bottom if you stack more than eight feet tall. If you stack any higher than that, the tower of boxes could come crashing down.

3. Keep the corners empty

We know it can be tempting to use up every inch of your storage space. But for your benefit, it’s better to keep the corners clear of anything. This will ensure that you have room to walk around and shift the boxes if you need to readjust.

4. Use boxes of only two sizes

While you can keep boxes of any size, to make the most of stacking, using just two sizes is ideal. Not only will your corners be aligned, but they will also bear the weight equally. You can use towels and newspapers inside boxes to secure the items.

Box Storage Benefits

When you rent a box storage unit with Self Storage India, you can access a range of amenities. It includes:

Plastic Pallets

To give maximum comfort for your boxes, Self Storage India provides complimentary plastic pallets on which you can store your boxes. These pallets ensure that your packages are off the ground and get adequate airing under and around them. This prevents moisture from accumulating on them and damaging the contents inside.

High Security

Our warehouses are guarded 24×7 by patrolling watchmen. We also have CCTVs installed everywhere which continuously monitor the premises. All the units are secured with the keys only with the lessee and his nominee.

Top-notch Hygiene

Our premises are regularly cleaned and sanitized, in keeping with all required SOPs. We also request our customers to follow all Covid-19 measures such as sanitizing their hands, maintaining social distancing and wearing a mask at all times.

Get a box storage space for yourself today and get a more fulfilling home environment. To know more about rent with Self Storage India, you can WhatsApp, email, or call us. You can even chat with our online executives or drop by the FAQ page.