Work From Home

As more offices are slowly embracing work from home, employees have to integrate multi-functionality in their living spaces. With remote working becoming more and more prevalent, creating space becomes essential.

While it can be comforting to relax in your pajamas on your bed with your laptop, it is also distracting and can stifle productivity. As home based offices are becoming the norm, the need for productivity boosting work from home alternatives is increasing.

Unfortunately, cramped housing and a home teeming with belongings can make this harder to achieve. People need to be smart and figure out how their existing spaces can be converted into virtual setups. One way you can do this is by creating space, but how can you do that? Instead of throwing things away, the alternative is to explore self-storage options like Self Storage India. With this option, you can hold on to your precious items while also converting your living space into a more efficient working environment.

Telecommuting Needs Space

Studies show that working in an environment you associate with comfort – such as your bed – can negatively impact your productivity. So the need arises for space solely dedicated to working; by storing extra furniture, artworks, memorabilia, seasonal clothing, and so on, you can create the space you need to maximize your productivity.

Moreover, after spending extra time in your dwelling, the realization to reorganize your living spaces to function better arises. If you thought that the only way you can make more space is by throwing out your precious belongings, then we’re here to put your mind at ease. With Self Storage India’s variety of self-storage options, you can choose to store your items wisely and make way for your home office.

Decluttering for better Virtual Working

It’s not that difficult to make room when you can rest assured that professional help is at hand. You need to assess your current items and make a list of all that you don’t use regularly. This can include unused furniture, gifts that are boxed up, old memorabilia, etc.

Next, collect them all and check the size of your decluttered objects pile. Keep in mind that your goal here is not just general decluttering but to create room for work from home. So, after decluttering, you should have an entire space that is clear of any unnecessary items.

Once that is done, check Self Storage India’s storage options. Our private rooms come in a variety of sizes. If you have confidential documents, you can opt for a Self Storage India utility locker. You can pick a storage unit by looking at the room sizes we offer. By choosing Self Storage India, you are welcoming a more efficient lifestyle that allows for better functioning while your items stay safe with us.

Benefits of Self Storage

Self Storage India’s warehouses are well located, making it easier for you to choose the one nearest to you. Once you are done collecting all your items, hop onto our website, and find your closest available facility. No matter what type or size of storage you choose, some amenities are guaranteed to you.

Here are some benefits that you get when you invest in a Self Storage India unit.

1. Full Security

With state-of-the-art security, 24/7 surveillance and CCTV, patrolling security guards, and a well-lit facility, you can be assured that your goods are well protected. All the units are sealed so that your room is only accessible from the unit door.

2. Controlled Access

The key to the room or the utility locker is provided to you on move-in. Additionally, when you sign the lease agreement, you are requested to nominate one other person who will be given access to the unit. No one apart from you and your nominee will be allowed entry into the premises or storage room.

Every visit is also fully private. You will not be monitored or accompanied by any employees or visitors when you come to check in on your items. Prior appointments, ID proof, and your storage unit keys are necessary to enter the premises.

3. Pest Control and Hygiene

At Self Storage India, we conduct regular pest control measures around the entire warehouse premises. The surroundings are also cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals and closely monitored. Our staff and clients are required to sanitize their hands, wear masks at all times, and maintain a social distance when they visit the godown.

4. Pallets

The units also come along with complimentary, six-inch-high, sturdy plastic pallets on which you can keep your items and boxes. Pallets ensure better airing under and around the box, especially since the room is likely to be locked for a prolonged length of time.

Moreover, one need not worry about moisture-related problems as moisture seeping through the floor and into the boxes is prevented by goods being placed on pallets.

Be rest assured, you don’t have to worry about storing your goods when you want to make space for work from home activities. With a decluttered personal space and a safe warehouse to keep your belongings, your mind will be more productive and at ease.

Check out Self Storage India’s storage options, payment-related queries, and storage benefits.

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