The CEO:

And that’s what best describes Manjali Khosla’s journey. The idea of Self Storage India was born when she was moving from Dubai to India. In the process of shifting, Manjali realised she was unable to find a storage facility that allowed her to store her personal goods in a space that was clean, accessible and woman friendly. Having lived overseas for many years, she found this strange, as self storage solutions are commonplace in most developed countries. And this discovery led her to become an entrepreneur and create a solution for the problem she was facing.

“Discovering while doing is natural…but doing immediately after discovering is the attitude of winners!”

The Women Behind the Company

Meet the talented women who contribute to our success

In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different. – Coco Chanel

Manjali grew up in Hong Kong in a traditional family where women were expected to finish high school and get married. She, however, chose an alternative path and was the first woman in her family to not just pursue higher studies but also get a PhD in Analytical Chemistry from the prestigious UC Davis University in America. With a history of firsts, she wants to be the first one in her family to launch a public listed company and is steering Self Storage India safely in that direction.

A strong believer in the words “If you are going to do something, give it your best shot,” Manjali has many interests, each of which have richly contributed to her life and work. From being a fitness enthusiast to an environmental activist, there is a lot she spends her time on. As co-founder of Care for Air, an initiative that helps improve people’s health through the air we breathe, she places a lot of emphasis on conscious living. Manjali also spends her free time teaching English to children from underprivileged backgrounds and donating toys and games to enhance playtime for them.


The Vision:

When it comes to the view forward, Manjali has a razor sharp vision of where she sees Self Storage India heading. “At the core of it, I want to improve people’s lifestyle, make their existence clutter free and offer them peace of mind. To me, self storage does that very well, as it allows people to safely keep the things they value (both emotionally and physically) in a safe and accessible space. Today we’re doing that through storage rooms, but tomorrow we may expand into other areas that help us realise this vision.”

“Discovering while doing is natural…but doing immediately after discovering is the attitude of winners!”

As the world that we live in evolves, Self Storage India has an ever more critical role to play in actualising this vision. The last two years have made work from home a reality, giving a lot of millennials the flexibility to live a more nomadic or ‘free’ existence. Having a storage facility they trust allows them to move cities easily, travel without worry and move back home if they want to.

To achieve this vision, Manjali is working hard with her team to scale up the company and offer clear value proposition in an often confusing marketplace — a storage facility that allows people to own a room to which they possess the key, in a high quality, clean, pest controlled, insured and flood mitigated facility with 24/7 surveillance. “The idea is, wherever one may be in the world, they know that their goods are safe and sound here – that’s my mission since I know this is what I would want from a company like Self Storage.”


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