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Cleaning-Up with Self Storage India

How many times have you cleaned up your study table or office desk only to see things back in the same position within days? It feels like the more you tidy-up and declutter the more papers and goods return; the cycle is endless.

At such times, you should consider stashing away things that you won’t require immediately. Decluttering not only has a positive impact on your surroundings but also on your mind. A cluttered working station or home can have a negative impact on your productivity and mind.

Not to mention the amount of stress you unknowingly carry because of not decluttering. Here’s what happens when you have clutter in your home or office:

  • You get distracted
  • Takes away attention towards unwanted things
  • Makes it difficult to relax
  • Creates frustration when you can’t find something in time

We are not suggesting that you clean-up and throw away everything. We understand some of it may be valuable, somethings may have a sentiment attached to it, it could be a gift from a special someone, it might be an important document you need to protect, etc. But, think about it – does it always need to be occupying space on your table? How useful is decluttering in your daily life? How can clearing-up and tidying-up your home help you?

We have a habit of accumulating things and hoarding them at home or work. At Self Storage India, we provide a safe space for you to set aside these items and free-up your physical and mental space, whether it’s a box of unused objects, a pile of old magazines, or memories from a long time ago.

Freeing-Up Space with Self Storage India

The more clutter we have, the more obstruction there is in our ability to think clearly. We are constantly distracted by elements that attract our attention unnecessarily. Just as light plays an important role in creating a lively atmosphere, organizing and decluttering your space helps in boosting your mental abilities and productivity By renting a space with Self Storage India, you can have a private space to store all your essential goods, documents and unclutter your home. Not only do you get them out of the way, but you ensure that other important and necessary items don’t get lost in the mess.

When you have a clutter-free room/ home, you have a clutter-free mind and a better quality of life.

Keep the things you need with you and decluttering rest it at Self Storage India’s warehouse. If there’s limited space, but your items are too much, our rooms will benefit you as you can free up space for things that you will get in the future.

Additionally, you also get a number of other benefits when you choose to rent with Self Storage India, such as:

  • 24-Hour Video Surveillance
  • Monthly Pest Control
  • Ease of Access
  • Guaranteed Privacy
  • Fans, ACs and humidifiers
  • SMS Alerts
  • Professional on-site management
  • Fire Control

In order to make things easy and quick, we have a small booking process with a variety of payment options. Additionally, we ensure high-level security for any type of storage unit via 24-hour CCTV surveillance. Only you and your nominated beneficiary will be allowed access after producing valid ID proofs.

We understand that sometimes you may need to store documents and sometimes physical goods. Both these have different dimensions as well as importance. That is why we offer customizable solutions. Self Storage India offers two types of storage areas that cater to your various storage needs.

If you have goods or boxes to store, you can opt for one of our indoor private storage rooms. They are window-less, the walls are corrugated with metal, and are lockable. The doors allow for a minimum six-foot entry too.

The smallest room can accommodate items from a small one-bedroom flat and can go up to 290 sq. ft., enough to fit a large house. You can even keep big items such as refrigerator, patio furniture, living room furniture, couches, etc.

If the items you want to store are documents or some other valuable items, then our utility lockers are just for you. These sturdy cabinets made of steel have enough space for up to 30 business files. You can conveniently store your important documents without having to fold them.

Additionally, they double up as a built-in mailbox so you can receive confidential mails directly in them. You don’t have to worry about anyone prying into it. We keep a vigilant check on our utility lockers with tight security around them.

We are located in convenient places in Gurugram and Noida. You can also check out ways to maximize your storage area with stacking techniques.

As a trusted self-storage company since 2013, our goal is to help you create space in your home or office while providing a secure and safe area to keep your valuable items. Your personal unit is your own unit. With an easy sign-up process, you can quickly select one for a pre-decided duration.

So, no more stuffing items in your cupboard or under the bed, and no more losing vital documents among a stash of papers. It’s time to change it all.

Rest assured, we take adequate measures for the safety of your items. So, you never have to worry about a break-in or damage due to rain or sun.