While renovating serves the long-term goal of beautifying and bettering your home and office, the journey towards that goal is a messy one.

The entire home turns into a cluttered playground with dust motes flying in the air.   People are walking in and out, and the bedsheet you spread over your furniture to keep it safe keeps slipping off.   Fabrics and electronics are at constant risk of being damaged or destroyed.

At the office, your paperwork and the expensive mahogany desk stands the risk of being damaged in some way. The team is not able to focus and be productive.

Sometimes, the process can take longer than anticipated due to agreement problems or seasonal changes. The wrong tiles, furniture installation, and drying time for paints and whitewash can all set you back.

The laborers who are coming for renovating will also bring their equipment along which will take up space; coupled with your existing items. There would be little to no space to walk.

How we can help in renovating

Self Storage India comes with a solution to help you to make the process smoother and reduce the risks involved.

You can book one of our private rooms or utility lockers to safeguard your items and even relax a bit as the renovating process progresses.

Private rooms

For furniture and other bulky items, you can book a private room of the exact or close-to-exact size that you need. You can even scale up or down as you wish.

This way, when the renovating process is happening room-by-room, then you can store only that room’s furniture. Once the process is underway in the entire house, you can scale up and get a bigger sized storage space. You pay for what you get at Self-Storage India and nothing more.

As a business owner, you can utilize the private rooms to store your office furniture, your wall decorations, and any excess inventory that you have at the office. If you used to store prototypes at the premises, then store them without concern at one of our secure units.

Categorize items and boxes as electronics, kitchen, bedroom, and closet/ cabinets for easy access even while the things are in the room.

Utility lockers

Utility lockers are great for storing paperwork.

During renovating, flocks of people are coming and going. You cannot keep track of them. As such, the possibility of stolen paperwork – tax records, employee records, wills, power of attorney, etc.- increases.

To safeguard these documents at all times, you can drop them off at Self-Storage India’s warehouses where they’ll be kept in secure utility lockers.

Arrangements can be made so that your other confidential documents will be delivered to your locker at the warehouse.

They’ll be received and maintained with utmost safety. Also, your documents will not be handed out to anyone until we receive express written permission from you.

Overall, a self-storage unit will buy you peace of mind and the assurance that your items are somewhere clean and safe. You can focus on the renovation project at hand without worrying about your valuables that might get damaged.     Use the form below or the given numbers to find out more and book a space for yourself.