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Relocating to a new office or home is challenging.

Most people haven’t cleaned out their homes in ages. Apartments in Delhi-NCR have become crammed with a lot of stuff that has no present value but holds sentimental value.  When it comes time to shift locations, these items then become a challenge, what to do with all this stuff?

While relocating, a self-storage facility can act as the ideal midpoint between your old home/ office and your new one.

Self-Storage India, one of the top-quality warehouses in India, can be this midpoint and help to ease and smooth out the relocating process.

Scenarios where relocating with Self-Storage can be beneficial:

  • Newly married couples who are relocating to a new city or a new suburb will significantly benefit from keeping their goods in self-storage, as they sort through their combined valuables.
  • People who may be relocating due to jobs can also avail themselves to Self-Storage India to ease the relocating process. Jobs are one of the most common reasons for people shifting. Having a dedicated storage space will make settling into a city and new work environment a lot easier.
  • Students are constantly shifting as they move away to college or university. As access to higher education increases for all, students migrate in large numbers to study at an institute in another city.   Delhi, being the capital of India, has always been a hub for students. Incoming students can take advantage of the reasonably-priced Self-Storage units at one of the best personal warehouses in India.

By storing your belongings at one of our Noida or Gurugram facilities during the relocation period, you can benefit this way:

Effectively declutter

When you begin to pull out items to move, you also find articles to get rid of, and things that you don’t know what to do with; if you can’t immediately find a way to dispose of them, then one of our private rooms or utility lockers will help you.

Keeping your items in a self storage will also give you the appropriate distance to think about whether they are valuable in your life or not. Until you figure this out, your belongings will be safe at Self-Storage India, and you’ll be able to declutter your home effectively.

Unpack well

If you are moving from a mansion in a less-populated city to an apartment in Delhi, you’ll still be carrying a lot of stuff after decluttering. Tackling all of this stuff in one-go is not easy. And there will be no proper rest or breather until you have arranged it all.

You can send off the items that you want to unpack later to the self-storage facility and only take the essential ones to your new home. Slowly, you can begin retrieving them as your new/ dream home begins to take shape. There is no rush.

Sell well

With your items safely in storage, you can sell them off one by one as you find buyers.  On top of it, they won’t take up space in your new home while you await their selling. Neither will their appearance get spoiled so that the buyer raises questions.

If your home or office space is what you’ll be selling, then having your belongings in self-storage will give buyers the chance to properly analyze the area and allow you the luxury of not feeling rushed to sell your valuables at a severly discounted rate.  Self-Storage India facilities allow you the time to advertise and sell your items in accordance to their value.

Self-Storage facilities are secure and maintain a level of confidentiality which provides customers a sense of ease when leaving their valuables with us.

For all of these reasons and more, Self Storage India is a great choice when trying to downsize, shift or combine households,