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Business and Commercial Storage

Running a business is challenging. Most importantly, it requires constant budgetary revisions to ensure goals are met with minimum expenses. Skyrocketing rental costs and increasing inflation rates are adding to the worry, making it imperative that companies consider leasing a business storage unit.

Companies tend to think of self-storage as a personal investment; individuals looking at freeing up their homes. However, there is a range of benefits for companies as well. Now, more than ever, offices need to be spacious and clean. Instead of cramming files of papers or excess inventory in limited spaces, businesses can use storage spaces.

With Self Storage India, businesses can choose a size as per their needs from our Gurugram or Noida warehouses. Here are compelling reasons why a business storage unit can make a massive difference to your business.

Save Money with Business Storage

Saving money is one of the critical goals of every business. One of the choices for a company looking for an alternative is to rent huge warehouse space. This can burn a hole in your pocket.

Instead, a self-storage warehouse gives you the option to look for other options that suit your needs and fit your budget. Self Storage India facilities have rooms large enough for all the items in a big house or even a small locker that can hold about 30 business folders.

Temporary Business Storage

Over time, businesses have to also indulge in transitions such as relocations or renovation. This could mean moving to a better location, restyling the office, or adding new technology. Have you been putting off repainting your office because you could not move things around? How then can you manage your office items most economically and efficiently? In such cases, self-storage units can come to your rescue. Rent business storage to temporarily store your office furniture and equipment while you can focus on relocating staff or upgrading your office rooms. Quickly move between your office and self-storage warehouse when you need.

Expand Offices with Business Storage

It is also an economical option to cater to a growing workforce. Rather than move into a bigger office, companies can use business storage to make more room in the same location. Just pack off your unused equipment or files you will not regularly need to a self-storage unit and make way for more work stations. Renting with Self Storage India will be much more cost-effective than renting a new office and setting it up.

Given that rental costs are the most draining on the balance sheet, a self-storage unit is ideal for businesses of all sizes and in any domain.

Manage Inventory Better with Business Storage

Maybe you are a business dealing with a constant flow of goods. Or you are an online seller dealing with regular orders. Or you are just starting your business. Or maybe you are just someone with a home business without enough space at home. No matter what kind of business you are, Self Storage India can help you better manage your inventory.

You can pick one of our many business storage options to deal with inventory management. It can be a place to store your goods while you work from home. Use it as storage space so that you can work out of a smaller office for your budding business. Or manage your storage room as a place to keep extra stock or seasonal items that won’t be needed until a few months. For instance, an event stylist can store decorative props with Self Storage India and take them out whenever there is an occasion.

Self Storage India’s Business Storage Options

Self Storage India’s current clientele includes a range of businesses. This consists of those who have rented rooms to free up the office area, owners storing items until they find the right buyer, offices undergoing renovation and made use of our warehouse for temporary storage, and storekeepers who need more space to keep their goods.

Our clients come from diverse business fields, but they have managed to save money, make better use of their office spaces, and effectively manage their goods by choosing Self Storage India’s business storage.

There are added advantages to renting with us over other options. Here’s a look at some:-

Privacy Guaranteed

Self Storage India ensures full privacy of your rooms as well as visits. When you rent an individual unit with us, you are provided the keys to it and requested to nominate one other person who can gain access apart from you. None of Self Storage India’s staff will be with you when you make your visits, ensuring a private experience.  

24-Hour Surveillance

The warehouse facility is well-guarded with 24×7 CCTV cameras. Additionally, all our warehouses have guards patrolling round the clock. The storage units are kept locked until you or the person you nominate visits.

Hygiene Measures

We take all measures to ensure that the premises are spic and span and regularly sanitized. The areas are cleaned and disinfected regularly. Both staff and visitors are required to follow protocols such as wearing a mask, sanitizing their hands, and following social distancing rules. Self Storage India also conducts regular pest control measures around the godown.


To ensure that your goods are moisture-free, we provide complimentary six-inch-high pallets. Businesses looking at storing items for more extended periods can rest assured without any fear of moisture-related problems. We only request that you do not keep any perishable and flammable items in the units.


Renting with Self Storage India also comes along with a complimentary insurance package that looks after instances of RSMD, fire, earthquake, and burglary. We have tied up with National Insurance Company Ltd for a smooth and stress-free process.

If you’re a business looking at economical safekeeping options, then Self Storage India’s business storage is for you. Head to our FAQs section to know more. If you have any more questions, you can reach out to us via email, WhatsApp, give us a call, or chat with our executive online.