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Household Goods Storage India

Our houses always go through changes, whether that’s seasonal changes, people changes, or structural changes. All of these call for a need to ensure household items are undamaged safe. A household goods storage facility, such as Self Storage India, can provide top-notch services for all your home needs.

With Self Storage India’s affordable storage options, you can continue to live your life happily and instantaneously incorporate unexpected changes.

Here are some scenarios where you are likely to encounter the need for household goods storage.

Switching Homes

Whether a rented house or your property, most of us are likely to experience some form of shifting houses. The challenges of getting all your goods safely from one location to another can be exhausting enough. There are also costs related to renting a transportation company. Some of your items could be valuable, delicate, or precious, and you wouldn’t want to entrust them with strangers. What if they got damaged or stolen?

How about checking in with Self Storage India’s household goods storage option? You can rent a room, a box storage space, or your private locker while you shift items from one home to another and fix it up. Here, you can keep all your valuables and delicate items without worrying about safety or damage.

Traveling Abroad

Business calls can sometimes be urgent. Maybe you are being called to another country for a few months? Or maybe there’s a severe personal situation calling you to another country. The first thought to occur in your mind would be, ‘But what about my prized possessions?’

How would it be if you could travel abroad at ease knowing that your precious items are in safe hands? This is where a self-storage facility can come to your rescue. Rather than leave them unattended at home, rely on Self Storage India’s household goods storage for safekeeping until your return. Our lockers and rooms are heavily guarded and have restricted access, so you can conduct your travel without constantly worrying about your belongings.


We all tend to collect valuables at home. These could be items such as limited-edition sneakers or books, collector’s items, antiquities, heirlooms, etc. Sometimes, even important personal or official documents can be found in our homes that require a safe space, such as wills and property or court documents. Knowing that these items need high-level security, our minds can get restless if they are kept unguarded at home, especially when we’re not there.

All your worries can be put to rest once you invest in Self Storage India’s household goods storage. Your items are safe with us at all times.

Home Office Needs

The modern work environment is calling for multi-functional spaces. Our homes now need to double up as workspaces too. This calls for a restructuring of our existing rooms. You can clear out some items to make way for your new home-office setup. Rather than clutter up your home, take those items and come to Self Storage India’s warehouse. Pick a storage option that fits your need, and voila, you can work peacefully without hindrance.

Renovation or Refurbishing

Our homes go through several life changes. One of those is when we renovate or refurbish them. Don’t we want our homes to look bright and beautiful? When you are renovating, it’s best to remove your things and furniture so that they aren’t unintentionally damaged. Self Storage India’s household goods storage is your reliable option to temporarily store your furniture, beddings, and kitchen appliances while your home gets an upgrade.

If you are changing your home setup and haven’t been able to sell your old furniture, we have got you covered. You can welcome your new furniture home while your old things can stay in our warehouse till you find a buyer.


At times, you may be required to relocate from your city. This could be for educational purposes or a business project, or even for domestic issues. If you are living on rent, you can shift your items to Self Storage India’s household goods storage facility and save on rental costs. If you are an owner, you can move out some of your things and rent the house until you return. This ensures you get a passive income while you’re away.

Downsizing or Making Space

Over time our families grow in size or shrink. Children leave after marriage or for education. Newly wedded couples have children. All of these situations call for a change in your living style.

Maybe you want to remove some items to make way for new people. Or you want to keep some items as memories of your kids, who have now grown up. What if you need to get some new things such as a crib or pram but are low on space? The festive season is over, and you want to put away some stuff till next year. All of these can be taken care of with Self Storage India.

Why Choose Self Storage India’s Household Goods Storage

When you choose Self Storage India, you get a range of benefits to ensure your goods are safe and your mind is sound. Here are some of the advantages:


Our storage facilities are located in convenient areas around Delhi NCR. The warehouses are enormous and have multiple size options ranging from small lockers to even rooms containing furniture from a 3BHK or even bigger.


All our warehouses are well-guarded at all times, including 24×7 CCTV surveillance and guards patrolling at all hours.

Hygiene Measures

We ensure that the premises stay clean and sanitized. Disinfection takes place regularly, and staff and visitors are required to follow hygiene protocols.


Renting with Self Storage India gets you a complimentary insurance package in the case of RSMD, fire, earthquake, or burglary. Our tie-up with National Insurance Company Ltd gives you complete peace of mind.

If you are keen to know more about our household goods storage options, there are several ways you can contact us, including WhatsApp, email, or a phone call. Our executives will be happy to answer any of your queries, or you can check our FAQ section.