The Thought Behind Self Storage India

Our work and personal places are shrinking with each passing year and the clutter of our ever-increasing “stuff” obstructs our ability to think clearly and enjoy the spaces in which we spend our time.
Self Storage Warehouse was created to solve the challenges of cluttering by helping one deal effectively with infrequently used items.  Self Storage Warehouse provides customers with safe, secure, and conveniently accessible facilities, where they can rent a dedicated room and store their personal and household goods as well as corporate items.

Operating since 2013 – our operational storage facilities are located in New Delhi, Gurugram and Noida, serving all parts of Delhi NCR. Our Selfstorage rooms are located within robust buildings, positioned in prime real estate areas, offering safety, security, and cleanliness. Self Storage is your one stop source for all your household and business storage requirements – your personal warehouse.

Now you can store all your important but infrequently used possessions to create extra space at your home or office. Whether you are looking to reorganize your business space, relocating your family, remodeling your house, etc. – we offer a multitude of options that can meet your specific needs.

Why Self Storage?

Real estate prices in Delhi-NCR and other major Indian metros are very expensive so individuals and businesses alike should re-evaluate how they currently utilize their work or living areas. Too much “stuff” can cause a mess and reduce the effectiveness and efficiency of work/living areas – clutter kills efficiency and quality of life. We help resolve this issue by providing a safe, convenient, effective, and affordable solution via the power of self storage.

Don’t take our word for it – seeing is believing. Call us and schedule a visit to one of our facilities!

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Simple, Safe and Convenient Storage Facilities

Whether your storage requirements are for your personal or business needs, we are committed to providing you with an affordable and smarter way to store your belongings. We assist our customers with everything from rentals, payments, enquiries, moving and packing, receiving deliveries on their behalf, and more.