About Us

Household & Business Warehouse, creating extra space since 2013

Conveniently located in Noida & Gurugram, Self Storage is your one-stop solution for household and business storage requirements. With SelfStorage, you can store all items that you don’t regularly use in a dedicated room and create space at your home or office. We securely and safely store your goods, and when required, you can conveniently access your personal unit.

Our experienced and dedicated staff at Self Storage India is here to help you at every step, making the process of leasing a storage unit simple, fast and efficient. Call us for a quote and experience the world of Self Storage for your personal and business storage needs.

We manage and operate all our facilities and do not outsource storage to third-party warehousing companies/logistics godowns.

SelfStorage Warehouse Private Limited is a subsidiary of the four-decade-old Dynamic Group. Dynamic Group has a legacy of success in several industries, including Human Resources, Software Development, and Construction and were the first ones to bring the Self Storage concept to the Indian market.