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Corporate Responsibility Initiative

“As you sow, so shall you reap”

Corporate Responsibility Initiative Philosophy

At Self Storage India, we believe that it is each individual and company’s duty to make positive contributions to society. Our philosophy is to create more space in your homes and offices by offering a convenient storage alternative at our warehouses. Similarly, our environmental CRI initiatives are geared towards creating a healthier atmosphere.

Additionally, we also work with partners who have dedicated themselves to the cause of creating a better environment. Over the course of our company’s progress, we aim to:

  • Contribute to activities that can benefit the society and community
  • Plan and execute more efficient CRI initiatives
  • Align our CRI activities with local laws
  • Create a positive change in the mindset of our employees as well as surroundings

Environmental Corporate Responsibility Initiative (CRI) Initiatives

One Plant for Every Room Rented

Care for Air

Care for Air is a not-for-profit organization that aims to create awareness about air pollution. Self Storage India partnered with Care for Air in its endeavor to spread the message about rising air pollution and ways to tackle it. Care for Air undertakes creative, awareness-building strategies. Self Storage India provided the NGO with creatives that can help its progress. These were targeted to New Delhi in order to address the city’s need to be free of pollution.


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