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Is packing and moving included in Self Storage India’s services? Self Storage India does not include packing and moving services in its offerings, even on-site. However, if you need help with handling your belongings, we can coordinate labour services for you at an additional cost.
Is insurance applicable on all lease agreements? Self Storage India provides complimentary insurance coverage from M/s National Insurance Co. Ltd. The insurance covers incidents against Fire, Burglary, earthquake (fire and shock Clause), RSMD (Riot, Strike, Malicious Damage), STFI (Storm, tempest, Flood, Inundation) on current valid lease agreements only.

Note: Any lapse in the lease will invalidate the insurance coverage.
How do I end (or terminate) my contract (or lease agreement)? One month’s written notice is required to break the term of the lease period
What items can I store in your Self Storage Warehouse? Our Warehouse is designed to store personal household effects as well as business inventory, including documents. You can store all your personal belongings in your household and office, such a photographs, furniture, documents, art work, motorcycles, bicycles, seasonal clothing, musical instruments and much more. We strictly do not allow flammable items (such as LPG gas cylinders) and perishable goods in our premises
What are the security parameters? Restricted entry, no access without ID proof and individual storage unit key, 24-hour Video Surveillance, as well as, professional security guards
Can I change the inventory list? You can add and remove your belonging as you please. We recommend updating your inventory list for your own convenience.
I have no nominee, what do I do? A nominee is not mandatory. Please do provide us with the name of your beneficiary, in case of an emergency.
What is the nominee/beneficiary policy? Only one Nominee is allowed for both Self Storage Rooms and Utility Lockers. You will be requested to sign the Nomination/ Beneficiary Form at our facility, in the presence of the nominated person, with appropriate documentation of the nominee.
Who else can access my unit? We have a nominee/beneficiary policy in place, where another individual designated by you can access your storage unit.
What do you do when a customer does not return to collect his or her storage items? We haven’t experienced this, but we do have a process in place for such instances. We would call the client and their next of kin and finally would contact other beneficiaries.
What is the minimum duration (time) of your rental agreement? You can store all your valuables from as short as a month to as long as you want. We sign a standard rental agreement for 11 months. However, our minimum requirement to store is 30 days only. To end the contract, we require an advanced written notice of one month.
Do you have any security deposit formalities? Yes, we do. It is three times the amount of the total monthly rent. The total rent is one month’s payment with GST.
Do you have any locations inside Delhi? Yes, in Dwarka, sector 28
Who are your Clients? Individual persons or Corporates? Art galleries, private collectors of antiquities, event management firms, publishers, business owners & shopkeepers, local residents, expatriates, tourists and individuals like you.
When should I use your Storage Warehouse? When you are relocating, renovating, downsizing, student returning home, simply needing more space at your home or office, reclaiming your closet space, packing seasonal clothing, expanding your business, have excess inventory, liquidating and renting your premises.
How is the security amount refunded/ When will we get our security amount refunded? The security refund is usually handed back on the day of move-out if your account is clear on that date or within two weeks of vacating.
What assistance do you provide in moving out with my belongings? Can you please help with any packers and movers to help vacate the place/ premises? Does Selfstorage helps in vacating the storage room/ unit? As soon as you send us a 30-days notice we will email you to acknowlege that request and share the numbers of the recommended movers and packers. E.g. Dyanand, Porter, etc.
Whom to contact to vacate the storage space? What is the process for vacating the storage space? (1-2 incorporated). How do you vacate your storage space/terminate the lease agreement? Please email at [email protected] as we need a 30-days advance notice for termination. Our customercare representative will help you with the next steps. The procedure is the same as if you were visiting the warehouse. You need an ID proof and your keys to enter your storage unit.
Any charges apart from the monthly rent which we need to pay? Self Storage India is not charging any additional charges other than rent.
I have one bed, one washing machine, a fridge and some furniture plus 10-15 boxes. What should be the room size to rent? / What all items can be accomodated in 51sq ft room? A storage unit size of 51 sq. ft. should be adequate, provided the boxes could be stacked.
I am coming to India within 3-4 days along with my stuff, how will you process it? Once you reserve a storage room (first installation and have signed lease agreement document), we will be happy to grant access to your dedicated room.
Could I use my own lock and key? You will be receiving a complimentary heavy-duty lock and key to your private storage space, that can be accessed by you or your nominee (designated personnel). You are always welcome to use your own lock and key.
When can I visit your warehouse? Our sites are open and accessible 24X7, 365 days a year for your convenience.
What is the payment process? First month’s rent and a three-month security deposit prior to move-in plus applicable taxes (first installation), and advance monthly payments to be made before the 6th of every month. Taxes are subject to as per law. Currently the GST is at 18%
Does your costing include moving and packing? No, the cost of packing and moving is separate.
What are the sizes of your private storage rooms and what’s the maximum size of the room in your facility? Our room sizes range from 45 sq. ft. to 300 sq. ft with high ceilings and with a minimum access of 5 ft.
When will I receive the security deposit refund? Security deposits are usually refunded at the time of surrender of the rented storage space.
Please share the best rent proposal from your end? Our rental rates are fixed and non-negotiable. We have special offers from time to time and will keep notifiying to all clients.
When my room is locked, then how is pest control possible in my room? To ensure the safety and upkeep of your valuables, pest control is conducted twice a month at regularly scheduled intervals at all our premises and surrounding areas. Clients can request pest control of their private rooms during these regularly scheduled times.
Why security deposit has been charged when my goods are with Self Storage? The security deposit is a safeguard against any damages made to the premises by the tenant and to cover the risks that could occur due to non payment of rent.
What is the process to access my room during storage period? We are open 24X7 & 365 days for your convenience. Entry will be prohibited without a valid photo identification and key. Acceptable picture ID proofs are Aadhaar, passport etc.Only authorized personnel are allowed to enter our self storage India warehouse.
Do you offer insurance on the client’s goods? Self Storage India provides complimentary insurance for all your goods. Your stock is insured against fire, RSMD (riot, strike, malicious damage), STFI (storm, tempest, flood, inundation), earthquakes, and burglary.
What are the rent details of the storage facility? Monthly rent varies based on room size and location. A basic room of 50 Sq. Ft. would typically rent for approximately INR 5250 + GST per month in Sector 18, Gurugram and INR 4550 + GST per month in our Noida facility.
What safety features do you have in your facility? All our premises are facilitated with fulltime (24X7) CCTV camera access, controlled access of visitors, 24X7 facility monitoring, multiple locked entries to the premises, on-site managers and security guards, bimonthly pest control, elevated goods on plastic pallets, offering complimentary insurance on all your goods, and entry/ visits to the premises by prior appointments only.
Does SSI provide / helps with packing, moving and transportations of goods? / Could you please confirm the estimated charges of packing and moving of my goods? We can assist you to facilitate the packing and moving process through our network of vendors. The cost is dependent on the volume of goods and distance from the location of the chosen Self Storage India facility.
Where can I find a Self Storage warehouse in Delhi/NCR We are conveniently located in the heart of Gurugram (Udyog Vihar and Honda Chowk) and Noida (Sector 59). We are in the process of launching our 4th facility in Dwarka, New Delhi shortly.
What is the process of renting a storage space?/ What is the documentation process for signing the new lease agreement? Upon confirmation of the storage unit, a lease agreement is signed (in person), the first installation, two current colored photographs, and one ID proof is required. Acceptable ID proofs are Aadhar, Driving License, Voter ID, & passport (Passport with visa copy for NRIs and foreigners). The first installation comprises of one month’s rent with GST (Total Rent), and the Security Deposit (calculated at three times of the total rent). Taxes are subject as per law. Currently the GST is at 18%.
Does Self Storage India store household goods and furniture or office goods? / What all items does Self Storage India store? Our Warehouse is designed to store personal household belongings as well as business inventory, including documents. You can store all your personal belongings in your household and office, such a photographs, furniture, documents, art work, motorcycles, bicycles, seasonal clothing, musical instruments and much more. Offensive articles , explosives, dangerous inflammable articles and empty gas cylinders, acid cans, other persihable goods and corrosive substances are prohibited to be stored at our premises