10 Home Office Ideas to Inspire Productivity

The ideal home office environment strikes the perfect balance of comfort and productivity, allowing you to work effectively and efficiently while still reaping the benefits of working from home. The term “ergonomic” describes this emphasis on comfort and efficiency at work, so keep that term in mind as you shop for office furniture.  You have […]

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By Manjali Khosla | Last Updated: December 27, 2022 | 12 min read

The ideal home office environment strikes the perfect balance of comfort and productivity, allowing you to work effectively and efficiently while still reaping the benefits of working from home. The term “ergonomic” describes this emphasis on comfort and efficiency at work, so keep that term in mind as you shop for office furniture. 

You have complete freedom to furnish and decorate your office space at home. However, if you are stuck for ideas, keep reading for the ten best home office ideas that will help you do your best work from home. 

1. Keep your Personal Office Space Private 

The first step in creating a home workspace is determining which area of your house can be used for this purpose. 

When creating a workspace at home, set aside a space in your home regardless of the general area or location, and try to keep it up every day. Make sure your workspace is quiet so you can concentrate on what you are doing. 

If space is limited, try finding a corner in your bedroom where you can keep a desk, your computer and office supplies so that you can create a space for yourself. Make sure that this space can be closed off if you need to avoid noise and other distractions. 

Once you have secured your space, it is time to pick out the proper furniture! 

2. Get Ergonomic Furniture 

Ergonomic furniture refers to products that have been designed with comfort, functionality, and human body movement in mind. This type of furniture is becoming more popular in modern office design schemes but can also be adapted to your personal home office. 

When you are working at home, you may have improper posture and may even be tempted to work in various positions. This can cause further health problems in the future. Ensure to buy an ergonomic table and desk chair, because it is designed to support the human body and provide comfort, lowering the risk of back issues, neck pains, arthritis and more. 

Buying ergonomic furniture can also help in choosing pieces to decorate your office in style. 

3. Keep your Décor stylish, Motivating and Fully Functional 

Your desk, shelves, and storage should serve you, not the other way around. Before investing in furniture, consider your workflow and what items you require at your fingertips, and then look for pieces that are both beautiful and functional. 

Instead of screaming “soulless cubicle,” home office furniture should complement other rooms in your home. Warm wood and soft, comfortable chairs or a designer piece of furniture are ideal if you have space in your home with traditional decor. Artistic pieces or modern metal furniture can be used in a contemporary home office. 

Make sure you are not piling up your office space with decorative pieces, but instead use ones that can double as storage accents. 

4. Throw in Colourful Storage 

Even the smallest home office can be fully outfitted with excellent decor and organisation solutions. The trick is to produce something original. Hang art you like, add floating shelves or install cabinets up the wall to maximise your vertical square footage. When it comes to decorating a home office, the height of your wall is an advantage. 

Open cabinets could be both functional and entertaining. Fill them with useful bins, as well as colourful books. Never lose sight of the fact that your home office is just that – yours. You can use the entire bedroom wall, for example, as a canvas for whatever inspires and motivates you. 

5. Use Colour 

Forget “office beige”: you need a colour that gets your creative juices flowing. For some, that means a bright, cheerful colour like orange or lime green. Others require a calming colour, such as botanical green or sea foam blue, to perform. Learn more about how assorted colours can affect your mood. 

A statement wall can help in becoming a personal notice board that can hold up your vision board, favourite quotes, to-do lists and more. Not only does it useful in doubling up as a space to hang up important dates and events but also as a decorative piece. 

To make the space more personalized and catered to you can use candles and incense to help you get in the zone of focusing on your work. 

6. Remember Your Senses 

The sense of smell has a direct or indirect impact on the physiological effects of someone’s mood, stress, and working capacity. If you use aromatherapy correctly, it is possible to increase your productivity and brain activity. 

If you find yourself nodding off in the middle of the day or losing steam while working, aromatherapy may be beneficial. Some scents can be easily incorporated into your home office to help energise you and boost productivity at work. 

A small humidifier to help you with the temperature of your room and make you ready to begin your work. Along with setting the room to the appropriate temperature, the correct lighting also needs to be optimal. 

7. Get appropriate Lighting 

Working from home, as opposed to working in a corporate office, gives you the unique opportunity to customise the layout and positioning of your workspace. This means you can fully utilise natural light sources in your house. A brighter, lighter home office can help you not only see your workspace better, but also sleep better, feel more energised, and be happier. 

You can set up your home office in a position where your desk is facing a window so you can get natural light. This office design idea will make sure your office is well-lit to reduce eye strain and headaches. Place the computer monitor away from any windows or overhead light fixtures and place a small lamp on the desk for task lighting. 

If it is distracting or you find yourself in a room that does not have natural light, you can always think of buying a small floor lamp. 

8. Less Is More 

Unless you are going for a radical redesign, choose office essentials from around your home like a pretty mug for a pencil holder, trendy notepads and sticky notes, and a repurposed waste basket to enhance the comfortable feeling of your home office. Instead of buying the latest items and adding to the clutter in the name of decorating your space, you can repurpose items from around the home to add to your home office. 

You can wrap a beautiful fabric around your bulletin board and conceal utilitarian bookshelves behind curtains made of the same material. Whether it is your kids’ framed artwork or a classic painting, hang inspirational prints on the walls. 

9. Add Reminders of Your Goals 

How can you stay focused if you do not know what to focus on? Put up a calendar in your home office so you know what tasks you need to complete. The better this calendar is organised, the more you can stay focused. 

Write down what work needs to be done each day to meet your deadlines. A whiteboard, a planner, or an online calendar could all be used. 

The goal is to have a visual representation of what you need to focus on so that when your mind wanders, you can refer to the list and get back to work. 

10. Incorporate Living Plants 

A desk or floor plant is an excellent way to add some visual variety to your workspace while also providing a breath of fresh air. We all need to unwind from time to time. Decorate your home office space with green accents if you want to encourage relaxation. 

When choosing a plant for your home office, you should consider several factors. 

1. How much room do you have? 

2. The amount of light that enters your office 

3. Your level of plant knowledge 

Look for boho decorative objects and live plants to improve the air quality in your home to implement this home office decor idea. If you do not have a green thumb, decorate with artificial plants that have a similar calming effect as the real thing. 

To ensure that you remain productive throughout your workday you can clean up your space before going to bed. This is so you can start fresh the next morning. If you cannot seem to get rid of the nagging clutter, ask yourself if an item brings you joy, as Marie Kondo suggests, and get rid of what you do not need! 

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