15 Kitchen Organisation Ideas to Maximise Storage Space 

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Whether you love cooking a hearty meal or finish your kitchen chores in a jiff, a kitchen is one room in the whole home that is always busy and used every day. Clutter can accumulate quite easily in any kitchen or pantry, especially if it’s frequently used by different individuals. Clutter is an issue because it makes it hard for you to find things when you need them. In a kitchen, this can make it difficult to prepare food. In this post, we shared kitchen organisation ideas that help you to find things when you need them. 

To keep your kitchen and pantry always organised, we bring together the best hacks to organize your kitchen and maximize storage space at the same time in one handy resource.

Our guide will help you tackle everyday kitchen challenges by providing tips for storage solutions, drawers, and counters. 

1. Keep a list of all your kitchen supplies: 

Start by making a list of everything you store in your kitchen and what all items need to be organised. Once you understand the scope of the work, targeting the items one by one becomes easier. 

2. Sort the items you need to store: 

Sort your kitchen and pantry supplies into categories according to their usage. Write down how many glasses, plates and mugs, supplies and appliances you have. You can then decide how much storage space you need for each category. 

3. Get rid of expired foods and toss old spices: 

Fix a day every month when you regularly clean up your fridge, spice cupboard, and other kitchen/ pantry storage areas. Also remove what you do not need or have not used for a long time. 

4. Keep your essentials front and centre:  

Staples like flour, rice, and spices, along with pots and pans that are used frequently should be stored in places most accessible. The recommended places for frequently used items are the lower shelves when you can easily see them and reach them. 

5. Keep special occasion items high up: 

Place special occasion items like porcelains servers or crystal bowls up tall, so they are safe and dust free. 

6. Donate or put away used cooking equipment that are no longer being used: 

For example, if you have gotten over your hobby of making homemade pasta, you can donate the pasta rolling equipment to a small café or new home chef. If these items have nostalgic value for you, you could also place them safely in a self-storage facility and retrieve them if you want to display your skills for a special occasion. 

7. Use clear containers for dry goods: 

Clear, plastic containers can be a fantastic way to store things such as condiments and other items used less frequently. Label the containers with stickers, dry erase markers, or even permanent markers so that you can easily identify their contents. Kitchen organisation ideas help you to store containers in a manner way.

8. Invest in a mobile kitchen cart: 

If your kitchen is small, consider having a cart or trolley for storage. You can also keep small appliances, cookbooks, etc. on it but it’s also easier to manoeuvre when cooking complex dishes. 

9. Install a pots rack: 

It will ensure that your pots and pans fit tightly in one place rather than be scattered about in various locations. 

10. Use a mug holder: 

This is especially useful if multiple members of your family frequently use mugs for beverages like coffee. This solution is space-saving but also very handy instead of repeatedly opening and closing cupboards.

11. Store your knives in a knife block or drawer: 

Loose knives and cutlery, such as scissors, knives, and forks, can be dangerous if they are not stored properly. A wooden block or a dedicated drawer keeps them safe from damage, clean, and sharp. 

12. Get a cutting board that fits over your sink: 

It’s an excellent innovation that will save so much space and keep your cutting board clean and tidy. A useful upgrade is to get one with a colander attached underneath the chopping board for easy cleaning. 

13. Leverage Spice racks: 

Spice racks are a terrific way to store small kitchen items like herbs, spices, and condiments. They provide everything you need in an organized manner while making it easy for you to find what you need. 

14. Tension Rod Storage hack: 

Tension rods can be used for more than just hanging curtains. Since they do not need screws or nails, you do not risk damaging walls or tiles in the kitchen. You can hang cleaning supplies under the sink, small appliances like blenders, over the slab or use your creativity to organise more items. 

15. Use wall space: 

Pegboard hooks and other aesthetic tools can help you leverage the vertical space in the kitchen. Keep your handy mittens and kitchen towels hanging on the wall space to keep the surfaces clear. Follow these kitchen organisation ideas to use wall space.

Remember that the key point to a well-organized kitchen is to delegate a specific space for every task and every item. “An organized kitchen makes life easier,” states Martha Stewart. “You will find yourself reaching for things quicker, because everything is within reach.” We are sure that with this guide you can enjoy your time in the Kitchen a lot more.