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Crafting does not come easy for everyone. For some people, making art takes practice. Others struggle with finding the perfect tools for their projects. Still, others are limited by lack of space. With all those factors in mind, it is no wonder why many crafters keep everything in disarray. However, with a little organisation, you will find yourself spending less time rummaging around for what you need and more time creating. In this post, we shared craft room organization hacks that save you time.

Here are five super tips for organising your craft supplies

1. Have a designated spot for each type of project 

This way, you will not waste precious time searching for materials that are not necessary for your current project. Make sure there are separate sections and holders for items like brushes, paints, fabrics, and larger equipment. Focusing your energies and keeping clutter away in your craft room gives better creative inspiration. 

2. Keep small items like beads and buttons in a separate container 

You do not want them cluttering up your work area. Furthermore, it is so much easier to find these tiny items when you are looking for them in the midst of a creative wave. Also, remember to label bins and drawers to help you easily identify what goes inside. This way you can easily clear up after you are done with your craft session. During craft room organization, separate the container for different stuff.

3. Use Pegboard Shelves to build vertical storage 

You can easily transform a plain piece of plywood into a stylish shelf by painting it black and attaching wooden brackets to hold your favourite books, magazines, knickknacks, and collectables. If you are lucky enough to have access to a basement or attic, consider converting it into a workshop/craft room. This is one of the cheapest ways to add additional storage space. Additionally, since your shelves are located above floor level, you will not have to worry about tripping over boxes while you are trying to find what you need. 

4. Create A Homemade Storage Rack with An Old Crate 

This project is simple, inexpensive and requires minimal tools. All you need is an old crate, wood glue and screws. First, cut the sides off the crate. Then attach the sides to the bottom of the crate using wood glue and screws. Finally, fill the inside of the crate with whatever supplies you want to store. You can also use other big baskets and containers to hold larger pieces of craft equipment. 

5. Repurpose an Old Dresser for Fabric Scraps 

If you are looking for a place to stash your fabric scraps to use for your craft sessions later, look no further than the bottom drawer of your dresser. Bottom drawers are the least accessible parts of a dresser and hence least used too. This makes them ideal for storage of craft scraps. You can also use it to put things you will need with the fabric craft you are making, like scissors, small sewing machine needles, and thread. Nothing could be worse than having those tools lying around. Craft room organization is not easy for all.

For many creative types, the idea of having a full craft room might seem like a dream come true. You do not have to look beyond items in your home for some inspiration. These simple and fast tips will help you create time for your passion and keep your craft room always clutter-free.