Declutter your Bathroom in Three Easy Steps 

follow these steps to declutter your bathroom
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Bathrooms can easily be the smallest and messiest rooms in a home. Even if you are not a hoarder, chances are that you have accumulated lots of products that keep your bathroom cabinets and shelves cluttered. Bathrooms are prone to becoming cluttered because they are used on a regular and varied basis. Declutter your Bathroom and remove the unwanted stuff to make it germs free.  

Many products are stored in the bathroom, including creams, makeup, toiletries, and other items. If the room is disorganised, it can quickly become a maze and finding anything will take a long time. The key to an organised bathroom is simply having a system in place for what goes where. 

Some bathrooms have plenty of hidden storage space to help you declutter. Use under the sink storage to store toilet rolls and other supplies. You can even use this space to store bathroom cleaning items. If you do not have a cabinet to keep your toiletries in, you must think about getting one. It helps keep the counter space neat and easy to clean. 

1. Begin a System 

Begin by listing everything you keep in your bathroom. Create a checklist of categories, such as bath towels, toilet paper, makeup, hair products, toilet cleaning supplies, and so on. Before you begin the actual decluttering process, gather two bins: one for trash and the other for items you want to donate. Go through the bathroom and place each item in one of the categories you have created. Expired items, products you have not used in a long time, travel samples you have not used, and so on should be discarded or donated. Get rid of old toothbrushes, empty tubes of toothpaste and bits of old soap. 

2. Keep extras in one place 

Plan the layout of your bathroom after you have decluttered and decided what you want to keep. It is critical that all extra items be kept together in one location. This keeps these items out of your way daily and allows you to access them when needed. Wicker baskets, decorative jars, bottles, hangers, and boxes provide a visually appealing storage solution

If you have a medicine cabinet that is filled to bursting point, there are bound to have medications beyond expiration dates and empty bottles. Throw them in the trash. 


3. Sort According to Usage 

Sort products according to their frequency of use. As a result, the ones you use daily should be kept in easily accessible locations. This is also the stage at which storage units are brought in. Drawer dividers, vertical storage shelves, clear boxes, shower caddies, and other items may be included. The idea is to have a separate location for each category of item, where they can be seen and easily accessed. Organise your drawers and cabinets such that the items used often are easily accessible. According to Payal Kapoor, an interior designer, niches in wet areas can be used to store shampoos and soaps. If there is enough space, you can even build a cupboard in dry areas for storage. 

Put everything that you are keeping in the place where they belong. Now that you have separated the products, begin by placing them in each of the previously determined categories. Most bath areas should fall into generic categories. 


Now that you have an organised bathroom, there is a super simple trick to keep it that way forever! The trick is to set aside one minute each day to replace whatever you took out at the end of the day. It will not take more than a minute now that you have designated a spot for each item. Make your bathroom a relaxing space for you by following these simple steps.