How Self Storage Can Come to the Rescue of Businesses during Covid-19

Get up in the morning, dress yourselves, take a transportation option, and hit the office till evening. Then come back home and relax. This is what most of us were used to until March 2020 when Covid-19 hit us like a meteor. But now, both personal and professional lives are taking place from the confines of people’s homes. The […]

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By Manjali Khosla | Last Updated: January 11, 2024 | 12 min read

Get up in the morning, dress yourselves, take a transportation option, and hit the office till evening. Then come back home and relax. This is what most of us were used to until March 2020 when Covid-19 hit us like a meteor. But now, both personal and professional lives are taking place from the confines of people’s homes. The Covid-19 pandemic has affected Businesses during Covid-19, all around the world, but there are ways to rescue and revive them.

As countries world over went into swift lockdown mode, businesses had to think quickly to ensure continuity. While the more technologically advanced companies could easily shift to the online working arena, others took time to understand the requirement and adapt.

With companies discovering the benefits of employees working from home, the positive impact it has on office space rentals is likely to look good on the balance sheet. Erstwhile office requirements demanded that people regularly come to the office. But the new reality demands people to stay distant even in one room and stay as far as possible from each other.

Rental cost is one of the biggest expenses for any business. Depending on the location, size of the office, and internal requirements, companies spend heavily on ensuring positive work environments. But the lockdown and subsequent restrictions on the number of employees have led many to quit coming to the office entirely. A case in point is Twitter’s new rule that employees can work from home forever, even after the Covid-19 pandemic ends.

Most businesses held on to their office space in the last five months. But, as things continue to escalate and as employees accustom themselves to working from home, there is benefit in redesigning your office. Given that real estate cost is a burden when incoming revenue has shrunk, businesses can make use of Self Storage.

Several smaller businesses, especially startups, not only had office seating space but also had added amenities such as a game room, cafeteria, relaxation rooms, gyms, dining areas, etc. Not only are these spaces non-functional now but are most likely to be redundant in the near future if the dynamics of work culture change.

Additionally, many smaller businesses that have not been given permission to open up due to lack of the possibility of social distancing will also suffer in the meanwhile. This can include gyms, restaurants, etc. What then can businesses do so that they won’t feel the pinch? One way is to downsize the office space and instead invest in a self storage space.

How can Self Storage help my office needs?

Self storage warehouses have a range of rooms and lockers of different sizes that can cater to your various needs. Whether it is furniture, equipment, bikes, or even confidential documents, they can all be stored at convenient places with assured safety. Until businesses resume normal operations, businesses can save a lot of money by giving up their office lease and storing items at a self storage unit.

McKinsey found that in the US, 62 percent of people worked from home during the Covid-19 crisis. The figure in India is likely to be similar. Businesses that are thinking of shifting entirely to the work from home model, like Twitter, can use self storage as a temporary base until they decide what to do with the items.

Additionally, the cost of renting a self storage space is much lower than renting premises. Real estate developers are anyway expecting office space leasing to drop by 30 percent in 2020 due to the pandemic. The World Bank’s prediction of the worst ever recession to hit the globe after World War II should also concern companies in the way they spend limited money.

Even if businesses have started to recall employees, government guidelines need them to be placed far away from each other. The more people in an enclosed space, and the more areas they touch, the higher the possibility of the virus spreading. Either companies can prevent it by staying at home or shift out some items from the office so that the spread of the virus is contained.

All these situations make it more imperative that companies think of Self Storage as an alternative to office spaces.

What types of items can be stored?

While you ponder over how you can make use of a self storage unit, you may have doubts about its safety. Rest assured that Self Storage India provides top-notch services at its warehouses in Noida and Gurugram.

Once you rent a space, the option to enter is only provided to one main person and a nominee. Guards are on patrol at all times during the day and have been instructed to follow proper hygiene measures. CCTVs installed at various locations provide 24X7 surveillance as well.

Depending on how many items you have, you can choose from a range of rooms, starting from 48 square feet up to 290 square feet. The ceiling height is over 12 feet giving you enough space to stack your items high up and fit more items. Here is a blog on how you can stack things in a self storage space.

Businesses are also likely to have several confidential documents kept inside office lockers. With offices staying locked, it also can compromise the safety of these documents when no one is there to check around the area. Instead, Self Storage India’s secure utility lockers are a convenient option for those looking at reducing office space or those wanting to ensure its safety.

Long term measures for my office

Employees are getting used to the idea of working from home and may even want to do so later in their lives. Most predictions are looking at a future where people will use both home and office for their work. The requirement that everyone comes to the office is likely to reduce. Businesses can look at self storage as a long-term solution as well, keeping in mind the lower costs attached to it.

Shifting your office items to a self storage unit also reduces the need to sanitize your space frequently. On the other hand, the spaces you rent at Self Storage India are provided proper sanitization measures as per government guidelines.

Once the situation improves and more people will be allowed to return to offices, businesses can even look at changing the work structure. Depending on this, decluttering the office space can help in providing better work experience. Till that time, things can be shifted to a self storage unit. Either you can decide to shift them back once the fear of the pandemic reduces considerably or decide on another route, depending on your business call.

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