Organise Your Closet in 4 Easy Steps 

Organise Your Closet
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Closets are often thought of as a place to store clothes, shoes, bags, and other items. However, there are distinct types of closets, including walk-ins, custom built, and even portable ones. Irrespective of how your closet is designed, it is imperative that it is well organised so that you can find what you are looking for, at the right time. 

If you are one of those who spend hours in front of your closet looking for the right match to your clothes, then this guide is designed for you. A closet contains a diverse collection of items – from clothes to accessories like socks, belts, and bags. 

The fundamental idea behind organising your closet well is to allow you to see what you have and what you need immediately.

Follow this proven guide to organise everything you have in the closet in an easy-to-find way. 

1. Declutter: 

Start by removing everything and giving the cupboards a thorough cleaning. Now, remove what you do not want, will never use or do not remember buying. Donate to a charity or trash it depending on its condition. Ask the following questions about each piece before choosing to retain it: 

  • Where did it come from? 
  • Why was it bought? 
  • Is it useful now? 
  • How often will I use it? 

2. Sort into piles: 

Arrange the remaining objects into categories based on their size (small, medium or large), colour (white or black) or usage (kitchenware, toys, clothes). Choose the approach that best fits your personality. Apparel can be classified into distinct categories such as casual wear, formal wear, sportswear, etc. For example, organise all winter jackets in one section, then sort them by colour. An uncomplicated way to organise assorted items is to just group everything together based on size. Storing by categories will help you find what you want quickly and easily. If you don’t know where something is, it’s easy to lose track of it. 

3. Hang anything delicate, fancy, or sturdy: 

If you have a large number of items lying around, it may be worth hanging some of them like occasional use garments, stoles, etc., This will keep it from getting in the way but still allow it to be accessed easily. You might be able to save some space by doing it. Hang delicate clothing. You can use hooks or more complex hacks such as adding acrylic file folders to organize your handbag collection. There’s no shortage of ways to maximize your wardrobe space while minimizing the stress in your life! 

Pro-tip: Use coordinating hangers which allow you to hang all your clothes together, so they don’t look like a mishmash. 

4. Rearrange and reorganise: 

There are many ways to organise your closet. You could put all your clothes in one drawer or keep them separate by type of clothing. If you have a lot of shoes, then you might need to store them in another place. Whatever you choose, when putting your sorted piles of clothes and accessories, these organising hacks could be a significant help: 

  • To keep track of what is where is to use dividers to create zones. For example, for accessories, divide socks, ties, handkerchiefs, and belts so they are not mixed up together. 
  • Stack thick items like denim and sweaters. This will keep your clothes from getting creased and wrinkled. 
  • Purchase Closet Organizers based on your storage needs. Consisting of adjustable shelves, drawers, and/ or hanging rods, these can cover everything from clothes and accessories. 

This sure-shot guide to organising your closet will ensure that you do not waste any more time looking for the right items.