How to store a piano in self storage

How to store a piano
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Whether you are a professional piano player or have recently started learning the seven notes on the keys, you are well aware of the investment that a piano demands. After the financial one (which is a hefty affair in itself), there is the space investment.

A piano is not made for tight spaces. Even if you manage to squeeze it in, it’ll always be in danger of being damaged. And that surely will cost you some heavy bucks.

Hence, it’s best to be prudent and invest in getting a proper piano storage. We recommend a self storage unit for the same. And if you ever consider moving your piano into one, below are a few essential things to do and not to do:

  • Delegate the responsibility of actually moving your piano to a professional. A piano can weigh anywhere from 136 kg to 453 kg. Without proper equipment, you’ll just end up hurting yourself and the piano.
  • Always, always store the piano upright and never on its side.
  • Cover the piano with a cotton cloth or tarp to safeguard it from any possible environmental damages and the dust.
  • Clean the piano keys with a damp cloth. Do not use piano polish there. The polish should only be used to clean the wooden parts.
  • It would take a bit of time for the piano to adjust to its new surroundings. If you want to tune it, give it a few days.
  • Return to the facility periodically to keep a check on its condition.

Here are a few do-nots as well so you don’t end up accidentally damaging your piano:

  • Do not store your piano against an exterior wall. Even if thick walls, the outdoor weather changes can trickle through the wall and damage the piano. Store it against an interior wall.
  • Do not take your piano apart. You might be surprised at this one, but removing the lid or the soundboard from the piano can leave the strings, the hammers, and the other parts too exposed. One fault in the grand build of the piano and your instrument could be as good as gone.
  • Do not store the piano on the ground. Keep it on a pallet so it is above the ground level and is protected from vents and accidental leakages.

Your beloved instrument deserves to be kept and treated well. Doing so will also ensure it’s longevity and ensure beautiful music keeps flowing out of it. So, go ahead and choose a self-storage unit for your piano and store it well.