The 4 Point Checklist to choose the most suitable Self Storage unit for your needs 

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If you are looking to rent a storage unit, it is important to find one that fits your needs. You need to consider several crucial factors when choosing the best storage unit for your business. These include the size, price, location, and convenience level that works best for your needs. You will also want to check if there are any distinctive features or amenities that will help you run your business efficiently. For example, do you need a secure facility for your business records? Will you need additional parking for visitors? Will you need to access it regularly or occasionally? Whether you need to store personal items, business inventory, or seasonal items, find a suitable self storage unit that suits your requirements and budget.  

If it is your first time renting out a storage space, apart from the cost of rental, there will be additional questions for you to consider. To help you simplify your decisions, we have put together the following checklist to simply get your storage needs together and zero down on the right place for you.   

What do I need to store?   

It is important to take inventory before you start storing items. Whether you prefer to write down your items in a notebook or use a digital tool like Evernote, keeping track of what needs to be stored in the ideal start point. This will help you organize your space efficiently and avoid wasting time trying to figure out what you have already accounted for.  

Identify each item and measure it. Then update down the name of the item with its dimensions in your inventory list, like in a spreadsheet. Repeat this exercise for each room so you do not miss anything and have no surprise elements at the end. If you are not sure what something is, enrol help from family members or check out the pictures online.   

Also think about if this is a one-time storage need or if you will need to store more items in the future. You might also want to think about whether you will need more than one type of storage. For example, if you need a facility to store your car/ bike while you’re away on a holiday and another unit to hold your goods which you use seasonally. 

What size is needed?  

Most storage units come in a variety of sizes to cater to the different storage needs of individuals renting them. The goal is to identify the best possible solution at an affordable price. This is where your inventory list comes in. The larger and bulkier the items, the bigger the space you will need to rent.   

Self-Storage India provides you with tools like a Storage Calculator to help you accurately calculate the right size storage unit for you and see how it can be optimised. If you still have queries, our storage experts are available to answer your queries and further optimise your requirements. They have a detailed understanding of the various storage unit sizes and shapes available. This becomes even more critical when you must store larger items in the Self-Storage Unit.  

Where is the Self Storage Facility Located? 

The choice of the location of the self storage facility will depend on where you live and also how frequently you need to access the facility. Keep in mind that some larger facilities may be outside the city areas so depending on your storage need, do not rule out those farther out too.  

What Type of Amenities Are Provided? 

Whether you are storing your items for a short-term or long-term, your storage facility should come with the amenities that are relevant to your storage needs. Here are the ones that you should check for when speaking to a self-storage facility:   

  • Are the units available in a well- marked and easily accessible location?  
  • Does the facility have 24/7 surveillance and security?   
  • Can you access the facility at any time of the day?   
  • Is there ample parking around the facility for larger vehicles and trucks?  
  • Is there pest control to ensure your goods remain undamaged? 

A well maintained, clean, and tidy storage facility speaks volumes about how professional and customer centric they are. So, when you get started with identifying the right storage partner, make sure you get answers to all these questions.