Saving additional INR 18,000 of home rental with self storage

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Self-storage is still a new concept in India. The idea of renting storage space for your goods which can be shoved into the back of cupboards seems frivolous and unnecessary to most. Why not save that money and buy new stuff to cram into corners again, right?

However, there are many benefits of self storage with the primary being that it is a cost-effective solution and can actually save up on home rental costs.

How? Here’s a story to illustrate that:

A family of three, comprising of Rohit (the husband), Shalini (the wife), and Frodo (the adorable golden retriever), were living in Faridabad in a 3 BHK, measuring 1810 sq. ft and paying a rent of INR 15,000 per month for it. Rohit’s office was located in Gurgaon, and the commute took him 1 hour 18 minutes.

To save up on travel costs and time, the couple decided to move to Gurgaon and got an 1800 sq. ft house in Sector- 22 with a rent of INR 38,000.

The rent seemed too much because one room in the house was solely dedicated to storing books, old stuff having sentimental value, gym weights, now-unused bicycles, and other riff-raff. On the surface, it seemed like a battle between prized possessions and lower home rental costs.

That was until Rohit discovered Self Storage India. He got in touch with the team, and they told him how he could store his possessions in one of their warehouses in Gurugram. His items would be 100% safe, they assured, and he would have his lock and key.

After visiting the facility, the decision seemed clear. Rohit and Shalini moved all of their extra stuff in a private room at the warehouse which cost them INR 3500 per month. Concurrently, they changed homes and now live in a 2 BHK house where the rent is INR 17,000.

Cutting down one room and availing self-storage services saved Rohit and Shalini INR 18,500 per month which they happily and freely invested in other things and activities.

This isn’t a unique story of a single couple. So many people have to move into a bigger, expensive flat in the city just because they have too much stuff and do not want to throw it or give it away.

The burgeoning home rental costs (landlords are all too quick to up the rent after one year) is a major financial worry. On top of that, the number of items in the house keeps on increasing, and even the expensive space starts getting smaller now.

If you opt for a self storage facility like Self Storage India, you:

  • Can shift homes and offices easily when the rent gets too high without moving and packing too much stuff.
  • Save and store your sentimental possessions without making your home cluttered.
  • Store your stuff in the best hands because a self-storage facility’s primary task is to safeguard your items.

And of course,

If you resonated with any aspect of the story, would like to save up on costs, and want more breathing space for you and your possessions, then visit one of our facilities in Noida or Gurugram, or read up on our services here.