Important Terms to Know If You Are Moving Internationally

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Moving internationally is a different ballgame altogether than moving in-country. You need to familiarize yourself with a lot of rules, regulations, legal procedures, documents, and services. Our guide on important terms you need to know when moving internationally covers everything from customs clearance to shipping options. Get informed and make your international move a success with our expert advice.

When it comes to your goods and possessions, did you know there are three aspects to their moving?

The first aspect is the origin services which includes all the moving and packing that happens in your home country at the point of origin. The second aspect is the transportation services which include how your possessions are being shipped- whether by rail, air, water, or road. The final aspect is the destination services which handle your goods after the goods have been transported and have arrived in the destination country.

While learning more and deciding upon these services, you’ll come across a variety of terms that you’ll need to familiarize yourself with. To help you with it, listed below are the most common of these terms:

Door-to-door move

In this type of move, the moving company will handle your goods right from the origin to the destination point

Warehouse-to-door move

In this move, you transport all your goods to the moving company’s warehouse. From thereon, the goods are their responsibility till the time they reach your new international home.

Port-to-door move

You deliver the goods to the departure port. From thereon, the goods are handled by a freight forwarder and delivered to the final destination.

Port-to-port move

You get the goods to the port. The freight forwarder then delivers them to the entrance port. From there, you again take the responsibility of the goods and handle customs clearance, port fees, and transporting them to your house.

Port fees

If you are using the port, then port fees are legitimate and must be paid with the support of official receipts. These include the docking charges, pier charges, handling the cargo, storing the cargo, etc.

Customs clearance

Clearing the customs is very important if you and all of your goods have to reach yourhome in a new country. You’ll need paperwork with clear and transparent details along with entry permits and personal identification documents. To prevent the trouble that you might face on bringing a banned item to your new country, contact the embassy of that country to get the most up-to-date information.

Packing list

Your packing list is the weapon to clear customs. It contains a list of all the goods that you are entering the new country with. If your list and the actual possessions don’t match, then expect to be held up at customs for a while longer.

The above terms will help you to navigate the process of moving internationally a lot more smoothly. You’ll be informed and knowledgeable as you handle paperwork, make arrangements, and prepare for a milestone step in your life.