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As I have recently moved to India from the USA, I would be eligible to answer this question. If you want to skip the long story, the answer is self-storage. For those who wish the full account, read on. If you’re moving to India and need a place to store goods, Self Storage India offers a range of storage solutions to meet your needs.

The dilemma:

Six months ago, I returned to my homeland, India. Previously, I lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, with my wife and two adorable daughters, in a three-story house.

We had to move back to India because my parents’ health was declining, and I wanted to be able to care for them. My parents live in a 4-bedroom house. So, we changed continents and came back home. As you can imagine, we had a lot of stuff, and my parents’ home had a lot of things already.

Our first concern was the space for our belongings. Where would we keep them?

My father got in touch with an old army friend of his who told him about using a self-storage unit right here in Gurgaon.

Finding a storage solution:

I went to check the facility on one of my first trips. The name of the company was Self Storage India. ( While I knew how the self-storage business thrived in the USA (there was even a TV show on it), I didn’t realize that it was taking roots in India, too.

Nevertheless, I was satisfied with the services they offered. The facility was:

  • close to our home
  • was well-protected
  • flexible in terms of the space they provided

There were other provisions for complimentary pest control and cleaning of contents in room, and the likes, and we opted for a few of them. Having signed a lease for six months, I flew back to the US to arrange for our belongings to be shipped.

At home, my parents began sorting through their stuff, too, and threw out the non-essentials, while keeping some of them in self-storage. We moved to India with our belongings, and everything was transported to the facility with minimal hassle.

I am grateful to the people at SSI who provided such excellent end-to-end services. We extended our lease for another two months. Our goods are stored safely at their facility while we unravel and discuss the option of buying a bigger home or moving to another state.

The moral of the story is research self-storage options in your city before making space in your house or that of your relatives in India. It’s truly worth it.