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It is not only cost which influences the decision to move. One of the other major factors is the moving season, both according to Mother Nature and the company with whose help you are moving. When planning a move, it’s important to consider the pros and cons of moving during different seasons.

Moving During Different Seasons

Even if you are planning a DIY move, you’ll still need to factor in the season during which you plan to move. It will affect your packing materials, methods, and budget.

If you are in a fix as to when to move, the below information will come in handy.

Moving when the flowers are blooming (March-April)

→ Why consider:

The pleasant weather and because the peak Summer season has not kicked in yet. If you plan in advance, you can get the moving dates that you want. You won’t blister due to the summer heat or freeze due to the winter temperature. In short, the weather won’t be taxing for the move.

You would also have an easier time finding buyers for your house who plan to move during the summer months.

→ Why not consider

It’s the end and beginning of the school year for children. If you want to move, you have to execute it quickly between the time that their exams end in March and their new session commences in April.

The cost can also be higher since many people would be thinking along the same lines and booking moving dates.

Moving when the sun is brightly shining (May-August)

→ Why consider:

Kids have their summer break from May end till beginning/mid-July, and can pitch in to help without any reservations about daily homework. Their studies and school won’t be disrupted. It is also a great home-selling season. So, if your moving process involves this activity, then summer could be the season for you.

→ Why not consider:

Since it’s the peak season, moving during this time can be expensive. Also, if your new abode is a long way off from your current home, then the charges would be even more.

The busyness of the moving companies also means that all your moving needs might not be met since the entire workforce is engaged in different moves. You’ll also sweat abundantly due to high temperatures when moving around stuff and arranging it around your new house. Ensure that you have plenty of water and ice at hand.

Your items might also suffer damage due to the rising temperatures so make sure to take all the necessary precautions.

Moving when the leaves are falling (September- November)

→ Why consider:

If you have no school-going kids or kids who have no exams during September, then moving during the fall/ autumn season could be the best.

The temperature is just right. The days are pleasant. The sun doesn’t beat down upon you mercilessly as you move your stuff indoors. Nor are you obstructed by heavy winter clothing when setting things around the house.

Moving during fall also means that you’ll be ready and settled to celebrate Diwali, Christmas (if you celebrate it), and New Year into your new home.

→ Why not consider:

Movers and packers might be packing up temporarily for the holidays. Workforce might lessen and so, fewer weekend moves might be available.

Within the country, kids might have their mid-term exams or unit tests. If you are moving internationally (like the US), September is the time that the new school year starts. Hence, ideally, you’d want to move in and be settled in time for the kids to begin attending school. That means moving during the summer months.

If your move coincides with one of the holidays, then spending it amidst a pile of unpacked boxes might not be how you or the kids want to celebrate.

Moving when it is freezing (December- February)

→ Why consider

Due to the cheapness of the move. With low temperatures and kids settled in schools, people are less likely to move during winters. Hence, moving companies are not very busy and would not charge as much as they would during the summers. You might also score a delicious discount.

With a reduced clientele, they would also be able to meet your moving needs more easily and pay more attention to you. You can get a moving date that suits you.

→ Why not consider

Due to the temperatures and kids. If you live in an area where there is regular snow, hail, ice, rain, then moving could be especially difficult. Navigating snowy slippery terrain could be fatal for both you and the movers. You’ll also need to prep more by ensuring the boxes are waterproof and taking other precautions.

Also, it is holiday time the world over. Moving over Christmas and the New Year (especially away from loved ones) will reduce the amount of holiday cheer that you feel.

Armed with the above information, you can decide well in advance the ideal time for your moving.

And in whatever season you decide to make your move, decluttering beforehand, proper planning, and a self-storage facility will be invaluable to you. Research thoroughly and execute the move in an organized manner so as to make the entire ordeal a lot smoother than anyone would expect. Happy moving!