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Anyone who has ever moved house or offices within the city or outside of it knows that moving and packing can be a tense and nerve-wracking process. Seeing so many of your precious goods, most of them fragile or with sentimental values, being jolted back and forth in a truck is not a relaxed affair.

That is why it is crucial to choose the best movers and packers who will transport your goods in the safest manner possible – without breaking or undergoing any wear and tear.

Moving hassles

Pulling out all your stuff for moving
Packing it or having it packed
The possibility of breaking
The chance of wearing or tearing

Tips for choosing packer and mover


Even before the movers and packers arrive, take care of things on your end. Get rid of any items that you don’t want on your new property by donating, selling, and distributing among relatives and friends.

After this process of decluttering, categorize all your stuff and put them together in one place. Always pack by room and label the boxes as you go, so the unpacking process is hassle-free.

Breakables, books, cutlery, sharp objects, etc. are some starting points. The larger stuff is easier to organize and pack; it’s the smaller one that needs special looking after.

During the categorization process, ensure that you put the smaller objects in the right pile for greater control and lesser headaches during the moving process. Pack them up tightly so that they don’t shift while being transported. Use old, crumpled up newspaper to fill in the gaps.

Look out for a mover and packer company which takes a thorough inventory of your stuff before moving. A few factors on the basis of which price is quoted: the number of items, the number of fragile items, kilometers to be covered, labor cost, the volume of each piece, etc.


Use all possible channels to come up with a list of the top packers and movers. Ask your friends and family who shifted homes or offices, look around Quora, and read online reviews. Look into the services offered, the prices quoted, and whether the movers and packers have a credible website. Some of them might not have a site, and this is where you can rely on recommendations from your family and friends.

Another plan of action can be to contact the movers and packers, ask them for the most recent recommendations they have received, and then follow-up with those people on your own. Ask them how their experience was, the amount that they paid, and the efficiency of the entire shifting process. Finally, compare and decide.


Especially when moving long distances. If you are moving to a storage facility or to a house that is barely 10 km away, then find the best mover and packer so that your goods come to no harm.

If you choose to insure within the Delhi NCR region, the cost of insurance is 2% of the declared value of all your goods.

Don’t pay

Top packers and movers don’t demand cash or a large deposit before moving. You should only pay upon delivery after all your items have been safely transported.


Most people never read the contract carefully, and not everything can be explained or verbalized. To avoid any misunderstanding or miscommunication, read the contract carefully and clarify any points which seem fishy. The pick-up and delivery dates along with the mover’s estimate and extra fees should be written as well as each of your items being transported.

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