3 Easy Steps to Decluttering the Living Room 

Decluttering the Living Room to make it clean and neat
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The living room is the heart of the home for many families. It’s where you can gather around to watch the evening news, where the children and pets can run around, and where old friends can catch up over a cup of coffee. However, it can be difficult to relax when your living room is cluttered with books, magazines, and forgotten toys. Spend an afternoon decluttering your living room with this quick guide to organising your living room. You and your family can settle in and enjoy the space together again with a little time and cleaning. 

1. Declutter and Donate 

The first step is to look at the available space. Have you cluttered it with too much furniture or artefacts? At times, your living room might be accumulated with items like pillows and pictures on display. Select the ones that are rarely used and store them in a self-storage. This opens up your living room. 

  • Bring two boxes into your living room, one for donations and the other for items that will go elsewhere in your home. 
  • Wander around your living room, removing items from shelves and drawers. 
  • Consider whether your living room is the best place for each item. Move any houseplants that you prefer to keep in the kitchen or outdoors. 
  • Donate any old board games that have missing pieces or have outgrown the family. 
  • Use containers or baskets for toys that tend to stray out of place. Throw away toys and items that are no longer in good condition. 
  • Go through your books and donate any that you do not think you will read again. Consider donating children’s books that your children have outgrown to a public library. 


2. Clear out Tabletops 

Next, clean up the flat surfaces. Locate specific locations for items such as remote controls, newspapers, letters, keys, magazines, and so on. Get storage solutions with slots for each of these items to keep them from cluttering tabletops. Make it a habit to clear out old magazines and newspapers from your living space daily. The ones you keep can be neatly tucked away in a drawer or magazine rack. 

3. Clear Out your Cabinet, Shelves and Bookcases 

Examine the contents of any cupboards, cabinets, or other storage space in the living room. Only keep items that are valuable to you and that you use. Loose papers can also be filed, packed, and stored. 

Go through your media cabinet if you have one and discard any extra electronic items, cords or cables. You will not need any of those old cables or telephone cords you have been hoarding and trying to figure out what they are for. 

  • Examine electronic devices like game consoles, music players, and remote controls. Throw them away if they are beyond repair. 
  • Put them in storage if you think you will use them on a special occasion.  
  • Get rid of any other random electronics accessories you no longer require, including remotes for which you do not have matching components. 
  • Remove any old DVDs that no one watches, CDs that no one listens to, and video games that no one plays. 
  • You can either sell them online, donate or throw them all away. 
  • If you have a bookcase, arrange the books so that they are easy to put back in. 


Tips for Keeping a Living Room Clean – Daily 

After you have decluttered and organised your living room, follow these simple tips to keep your home clutter-free, every day: 

  • Designate a ‘place for a thing’ – a location for common-use items. 
  • Every day, clear clutter “hotspots.” 
  • Make it enjoyable for children by establishing a reward system and awarding them points for picking up their toys daily. 
  • Make simple hanging wall storage with hooks. 
  • Schedule time each week to clean up the living room. 
  • Make your own organisers out of recycled or repurposed materials. 


One of the most difficult aspects of deciding where to start decluttering is predicting what will happen next. We frequently wonder what the point of getting rid of things is when they will just pile up again. Allowing that stuff back in will certainly destroy all your arduous work. Maintaining routines with your decluttering list can go a long way toward keeping your space clean, relaxing, and clutter-free, at all times!