5 Ingenious Ways to Store Your Grocery Bags Between Trips 

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The coronavirus outbreak has forced people into some pretty drastic measures, including working from home. Although the one thing that has remained unchanged is that people still love shopping. Even if you are limited in your shopping trips, you can still be going for your groceries. After every shopping decluttering grocery bags is good. 

What happens to all those bags when you have finished shopping? You can store them anywhere you like, but if they’re not stored in an organized fashion, you may end up with a full house of bags.

You can use these five ingenious methods to store your shopping bags while they wait for the next grocery run. Read on to learn how to avoid a total food grocery bag avalanche. 

1. Organise by categories

Organising your bags by category will help you find the items you need quickly. You can group together distinct types of bags such as cloth bags and small zip-top bags, or you can combine large plastic bags into one big bag. Doing this will help you avoid wasting your time and energy while ensuring you have everything you need for the task. Decluttering grocery bags is important before Organising.

2. Park in the Car 

Most people would store the grocery bags under the sink or in a garage/basement if they had one. You should also store your bags in the trunk of your vehicle. It will ensure that you remember them when you go shopping for groceries. You can keep two sets of bags; one that can be left behind when you take one set of bags with you for shopping. 

3. Repurpose a tissue box 

We learn a genius technique from Melissa from Polished Habits for reusing plastic grocery bag. She cuts open a tissue box and attaches it to a cabinet door with a double-sided tape. Then, she fills it up with plastic bags. You can do the exact same thing with empty wipes containers or other pull-out boxes. If you need a plastic bag for any reason, pull one out of its box just like a tissue would be pulled from its box. 

4. Buy or make a special basket/ holder 

Sew together leftover scraps of fabric to make a cute pouch for storing all your plastic bags. You can alternatively purchase a metal catch-all bin or a container to store your bags. You can put the bags into distinct types of containers according to their categories and label them clearly so that you will be able to find them easily.

5. Use an old shoe box: 

You can also use a shoe box instead of a regular storage bin. It is easy to cut holes in either side of the box so you may easily access the bags within. Remember to keep the box clean because it will get dirty over time. You can easily stack these boxes and label them if you have too many to manage. 

Hopefully, with these tips, you will have a clutter-free area in your home where you can access your plastic bags and grocery bags easily.