A First-Timer’s Guide to Renting a Self-Storage Unit in India 

Are you relocating to another country but do not want to part with some of the furniture you already have? Do you have more ‘things’ than living space in your house and want to declutter? Are you re-doing your interiors and wish you could get your furniture out of the way for a brief period […]

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By Manjali Khosla | Last Updated: January 16, 2024 | 12 min read

Are you relocating to another country but do not want to part with some of the furniture you already have? Do you have more ‘things’ than living space in your house and want to declutter? Are you re-doing your interiors and wish you could get your furniture out of the way for a brief period of time? These are two of the reasons why you absolutely need extra-storage space on demand. Self-Storage India is here to revolutionise the idea of storage by giving you your own private space to store whatever goods you want out of your house but not out of your life! 

History of Self Storage 

A self-storage facility is not a brand-new concept. It has been around for a while. There is historical evidence of China having public storage facilities. However, it was not until the 1960s that the modern model of self-storage spaces came into existence. The first major chain of self-storage spaces struck roots in Texas mainly because most homes there were built without basements, which were commonly used for storage. The idea of a well-maintained and secure storage facility on rent away from home proved a big hit amongst people in various walks of life, who for their own personal reasons needed ‘more space’. From a couple of boxes crammed with old books and vinyl records, to ancestral furniture and even home-gym equipment, people can store anything they want at their very own storage unit.  

The concept of self-storage facilities as a business model found its way to several parts of the world. By 2014, according to a report from the FEDESSA, the Federation of European Self Storage Associations, there were 975 facilities in the United Kingdom, 430 in France, 264 in The Netherlands, 210 in Spain, 131 in Germany, and 112 in Sweden. (“Railroad Ave Self Storage: May 2022”) The report estimates 2,391 total facilities in Europe, which translated to about 75 million square feet of rentable storage space! (“Self-storage – Wikipedia”) At around the same time there were over 52,000 facilities in the US (236 million square feet), and 1,100 facilities in Australia (39 million square feet).  

What is a self-storage unit? 

A self-storage unit is a space that is rented out to individuals or businesses for the sole intent of storing goods in it. The term of the lease depends upon the organisation offering the service against the needs of the tenant. Using the space as a residence is strictly prohibited. The tenant is required to lock the unit and keep the key with himself. Some facilities offer boxes, locks, and packaging supplies for sale to assist tenants in packing and safekeeping of their goods. While the whole facility with its many storage units is under constant surveillance, employees do not have access to individual units. This means that they cannot casually enter a unit. In case the tenant fails to pay rent, the fate of the contents at his storage unit depends upon the condition agreed upon by the tenant and the self-storage facility in the rental agreement.  

Why does someone need a self-storage unit? 

1. High real estate prices 

Real Estate prices in Indian metros like Delhi NCR, Mumbai, etc are extremely high. People end up buying/renting small apartments that fit their budget. Smaller living spaces call for extra storage requirements

2. To declutter 

Living in a constant state of clutter can take a toll on one’s mental health and bring down the quality of living. Renting out a storage unit helps stowaway furniture or artefacts that are infringing on one’s living space. 

3. Change in Family status 

In the event of a marriage, divorce or birth of a child, the size of the family unit changes, calling for physical changes at home. When the family expands, more space around the house is needed, which necessitates putting away household equipment in storage. These can be short-term or long-term requirements both of which can be resolved using self-storage units.  

4. Travel and relocation 

A storage unit comes in handy with individuals moving to another city/state/country and do not want to get rid of everything they own in a ‘moving-out sale’. At a nominal rent they can buy storage space customized to fit their goods. Likewise, those planning a long vacation can rent out a storage space to keep their items safe and it also gives them the option to rent out their house in their absence.  

5. Home renovation 

Given that self-storage units can be rented out for even short periods of time, those who are having their homes renovated can consider putting away valuable furniture and memorabilia in an independent storage unit. This ensures the safety of the stored goods and keeps them out of the way for the duration of the renovation.  

6. Downsizing 

When an office chooses to downsize it does not merely mean letting go of employees it also means moving to a smaller space at a lower commercial rent. Excess office goods can be stored away in a self-storage unit, which can be accessed at any given point of time.  

7. Seasonal goods 

Large and small enterprises dealing with seasonal goods, will benefit from self-storage units. Items that will not be required for months together can be put away in a safe space, only to be taken out when the time comes by again. This can be applicable for households too – winter wear, linen and related equipment can be stored away at a self-storage unit during the rest of the year and taken out only when the temperature drops.  

8. Business storage 

For small to medium sized organisations, self-storage units can serve as perfect ‘mini warehouses’ without costing as much. The storage unit can be rented for limited time periods. Also, the space allotted will be according to their requirement, as will be the rent.  

Benefits of self-storage  

  1. Highly Secure Storage for your goods 
  1. Clean 
  1. Safe 
  1. Organised 
  1. Brightly Lit 
  1. 24-hour access 
  1. 24/7 video surveillance 
  1. Instant access with your verified ID 
  1. Connect with Speciality movers 
  1. Insurance for protection 
  1. Convenient access within city limits 
  1. Storage Expertise 

Types of items that can be stored in a self-storage unit: 

  1. Household items 
  1. Fragile items 
  1. Musical instruments 
  1. Exercise machines 
  1. Pool Tables 
  1. Refrigerators (Fridge) 
  1. Dishwashers 
  1. Sofa 
  1. Mattress 
  1. Bed 
  1. Books 
  1. Memorabilia 

Why choose Self-Storage India? 

1. Privacy 

We believe in the absolute privacy of our customers. The room provided is safe, secure, and private. None of the employees at the facility have the right to access any storage unit at the facility. Only the customer and the individual nominated by him/her are allowed into the storage unit. They have access 24/7 and can enter the facility at any time of the day bearing the required ID proof.  

2. Safety & Security 

The storage facility is well lit and under twenty-four-hour surveillance. Cameras are placed at all strategic points with no blind spots, to ensure that every storage unit is completely safe. The facility is open 24/7 and we pride ourselves in the safety we provide to our clients when they are on the premises no matter what time of the day. We vouch for the safety of the women who work at the facility as well as our female clients. We work with trusted security service providers, whose staff are trained to manage everyday tasks and emergencies.  

3. Accessibility & Transparency 

All our storage facilities are at easily accessible locations that are also Google verified. The facility is spread over ample ground making it easy for clients to load and unload large items from and to their storage unit. Trained security personnel always ensure the safety of the storage units and their contents. Given that facilities are open around the clock, clients can check their units at any time that is convenient to them – their safety is taken care of on priority. 

4. Storage Expertise 

Not every individual or organisation requires the same amount of storage space. Some need more than the other. In addition to our very efficient Storage Calculator, we have trained Storage Experts who will help you optimise the right storage solution basis the inventory.  

The Self-Storage Process 

  1. Getting your own storage space is extremely simple.  
  1. Use the Storage Calculator to give you an estimate on how much storage space is required. 
  1. Connect with the Storage Expert to discuss available options and zero-in on the one that suits you the best.  
  1. Find a Self-Storage Facility that is at a location easily accessible to you.  
  1. Pack and transport the goods to the chosen Self Storage facility.  
  1. Sign mandatory rental agreement and make the first rent payment.  
  1. Unload your goods at the storage unit allotted to you.  
  1. Lock and secure your storage unit.  
  1. Access your storage unit as and when you need to.  

Self-Storage India – The Best Storage Solution 

Self-Storage India is poised to revolutionise the concept of storage for households and offices in India. It is the best solution for people who wish to declutter their homes, ease their stress, and improve their lifestyle. It is an affordable option for offices to store their equipment, files, and other items as opposed to large warehouses that cost a lot and yet they may never use to full capacity. The facilities are built to keep stored goods safe from pests, moisture, and heat damage. With impeccable security measures, you and your goods are safe with us.  

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