How box storage can make more space for your needs

Whether it is our home, office, or even public transportation, space is a luxury. Lack of space is a constant challenge. Things tend to get stacked up and stashed away in our cramped or cluttered homes and take up valuable real estate. In most cases, we are helpless because where else can you keep them? While […]

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By Manjali Khosla | Last Updated: January 11, 2024 | 12 min read

Whether it is our home, office, or even public transportation, space is a luxury. Lack of space is a constant challenge. Things tend to get stacked up and stashed away in our cramped or cluttered homes and take up valuable real estate. In most cases, we are helpless because where else can you keep them?

While you can’t demand more legroom in flights or a bigger cubicle at work, adjusting your home for better living is definitely under your control. No, we’re not suggesting that you throw your precious items away. We know that some of these items will have memories attached to them, even if they aren’t frequently used.

Instead, the easiest thing to do is collect them all in a box and store them at a self-storage facility. With Self Storage India’s Box Storage option, you can ensure your boxed items have a lovely home for themselves while you make the most of your new-found freedom and space.

Box Storage typically takes up less area and does not require renting a full room. It’s midway between a private room and a utility locker in terms of size. It also helps you save money.

So, if you have just a bunch of boxes, a private room may be too large for your needs, but box storage would be just right.

Clearing Out Your Belongings

Thinking in terms of boxes is an inherent human tendency. Whenever we see cluttered space, the most convenient way of clearing it up is to thrust them all into a box. In some cases, people even tend to hold on to huge boxes specifically to store and stack.

What this leads to is a bunch of boxes lying at different corners of the house. These could be old toys, books, clothes, utensils, equipment, CDs, cassettes, etc. As time goes on, the pile keeps adding up. If your family is growing, more boxes will crop up. Sometimes, we have a hard time letting go of old items and keep them aside for possible future use. These tend to be gifts, old devices, clothes, showpieces, etc. The result is a cluttered or cramped home with limited space for anything else.

It’s not just your house that can end up being a collection spot; your office space can also be one. Over time, your office desk and drawers tend to fill up with stationery, files, and even assorted items like coffee mugs, office gifts, etc. If your desk is too clogged up, it can hamper your productivity. Studies have shown that a clean desk can improve your focus.

With Self Storage India’s Box Storage facility, you do not have to worry about unused items eating away into your productivity. Just pack them all inside boxes and head over to a Self Storage India warehouse.

On renting a Box Storage facility, you get access to nine sq. ft. of space with high ceilings. Keeping this in mind, customers can manage their box sizes and numbers. It’s convenient and economical at the same time.

Do remember to store your heavy boxes at the bottom and choose heavy-duty boxes that are stackable.

Here are some common items that are generally boxed.

Decorative items

Decorative items are probably the least used items. They come out of their boxes only on festive occasions, usually once a year, or when you have special guests over. This can include showpieces, crockery, decorative objects, fancy lighting, objects used during festivals, etc.


You can never have too much space in the kitchen when appliances keep piling up. In some cases, we tend to have more than one variant of the same object. Sometimes it can even be more than one oven. If there are many of these things you are not currently using, then it is time to box them up.

Valuable items

Whether it is an inherited heirloom or something you purchased on a trip abroad, these priceless items cannot be let go. Instead of keeping them home, a box storage unit can be the right place to keep these precious items until a new home is found for them.


Let’s be honest. Most of us have books lying around at home that aren’t read. Eventually, they find their way into a box where they stay inside for eternity or until you give them away. Parting with books can also be sacrilegious to some. Why not send that box to Self Storage India’s Box Storage.


Many of us might have old collections of cassettes or DVDs or photo albums from the pre-digital era. Much of it will just be sitting inside a box and taking up space. Make way for a decluttered environment without sacrificing your memories.

Self Storage India’s uniquely-designed Box Storage units are perfect for these and many other requirements. As long as your items are non-perishable, our safe and secure rooms are available at your disposal.

Box Storage Benefits

Once inside a Box Storage, you need not have even an ounce of fear regarding its safety. Self Storage India takes precautions at all of its warehouses.

Renting a unit comes with a bunch of features. One of them is our complimentary pest control service and no one is allowed to eat, drink, or smoke around the area so that infestation and other hazards are kept at bay.

Here are some standard protocols followed at all Self Storage India godowns:

1. Hygiene and Cleanliness

Knowing the current environment, we have taken adequate measures to ensure that the premises are kept clean and sanitized. We require both our visitors and our staff to take precautionary measures and follow standard Covid-19 norms such as wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing, sanitizing their hands, etc.

2. Security

Our CCTV cameras provide 24/7 surveillance. We also have security guards stationed at our warehouses at all times who monitor the premises. A dedicated staff member is also present during work hours to attend to your needs with the utmost privacy.

3. Plastic Pallets

We provide 6-inch-high sturdy plastic pallets to keep your boxes instead of just laying them on the floor. The pallets ensure better ventilation around and under your packages. It curbs moisture, especially at the bottom of the box, which can otherwise damage your items inside it.

4. Controlled Access

Units can be accessible only by the lessee and their nominee. No other person will be permitted entry into your box storage, including company staff accompanying you inside the facility. Utmost privacy is guaranteed.

Finding a secure storage unit need not be a challenge. With a small investment in the right facility, you can make considerable changes to your lifestyle. It is time to explore how Self Storage India’s Box Storage can come to your aid.

So, if you have been looking for a convenient place to store your boxes, it is about time you visit Self Storage India’s website. Click on any of the links below to get more information on our pricing and FAQs.  If you have any further questions, feel free to reach us and talk to our executives.

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