How do I Declutter my Study Table? 

Declutter my Study Table for productive studying
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A well-organized study table enhances functionality. At the same time, a perfectly coordinated study desk adds an ideal look to your room. Whether it is preparing for a competitive examination or going about your homework, a great deal of dedication, an ample supply of study materials, and most importantly a positive attitude is necessary to ace your academic workspace! I always declutter my study table, you should do it too. 

A disorganised desk can disrupt your study pattern and schedule. Keeping the study table clean and organised is the key to getting the job done in time. When preparing for the NEET, CUET or even just catching up on your homework assignments, you cannot afford to lose time finding the right books and study material for a messy study table. 

So, if you think your study table is messy and hard to find things, here are five quick and amazing tips that will help you keep your study table organised and mind focused. Let us get the decluttering started! 


1. Start at the Desk 

The best way to begin the cleaning process is to remove everything that is a part of the clutter before organising. Remove everything from the drawers and the tabletop to thoroughly clean the table. Use a dry cloth to remove dust and a wet cloth to remove stains. A dust-free study table will keep you safe from harmful bacteria that can harm your health and cause disruptions in your study schedule. 

If you have a tablecloth, make sure it is frequently washed and changed. Even if you are studying for exams through online platforms, it always helps to make sure your study table is neat and tidy. Once you have cleaned up your table, it is time to move on to the drawers and shelves. 

2. Put items in drawers 

All items that are not part of your daily study schedule should be kept in drawers. Define a proper space for each item so that you can easily find them when needed. Make sure you have one drawer for each type of item. If your table does not come with many drawers, consider making a desk organizer. Store all electronic items, such as a scientific calculator, tablet, SD card, and USB drive, in one drawer for easy access.  

3. Drawers for Your Subject Books 

Do not pile too much on the table. That does not mean you should not have a place to store your belongings though. 

Make the most of the space available if you have a large study table with a lot of drawers. Instead of keeping all the books on the table, keep one drawer for each subject. Label the drawer from the top so that you can easily find the correct drawer when looking for study materials. 

If you do not have extra drawers or shelves, several types of hanging closet organisers are available today for your different projects. They are widely available, and they can be chosen based on space availability and convenience. You can even look for desktop file organisers on Amazon, which can help in keeping your desk neat and tidy. They are simple to assemble and disassemble and are ideal for organising your files, documents, books, and other items. By doing so, you can easily keep visible clutter off the study table, stay organised and most importantly avoid your mother’s regular scolding sessions! 

4. Keep a Dustbin Nearby 

If you have a habit of scribbling or revising while writing, keep a dustbin nearby to toss all the rejected paper balls into. To save space you can keep the dustbin under your desk and clean it out every alternate day. If you have the habit of recycling, then it is ideal to arrange separate bins or old boxes that can be used for paper waste and other waste. This will not only help keep the table clean, but it will also keep the litter off the floor of your room. However, to avoid trash overflow, make it a habit to clean the trash can once a week. 

5. Store Your Stationery in holders 

Do you keep misplacing your pens, pencils, and markers? If you do not have a pen holder on your study table, all your stationary items roll down from the table and end up under the bed! Bring home a pen holder and securely store all your belongings in it to avoid losing them. You can even store erasers, paper clips, and other small items in the same holder. If you have paper pins, however, keep them in a separate box to avoid accidents. 


At the end of the day, your study table should be empty but not cold and uninviting. You can add a desk lamp or photographs or a clipboard for motivational quotes or add a small indoor plant if that fits your style. Remember, a well-organized study table can motivate you to study more while also saving you time. To increase productivity, keep your study table neat, clean, and organised always!