How self storage can help you make more space during Covid-19

While everyone was engrossed in their busy lives, the Covid-19 pandemic hit like lightning. Within days, and without time to prepare, people were re-organizing their lives, making important decisions quickly and adapting at a pace never seen before. The status quo is likely to remain even for the coming few months or years. Even otherwise, the pandemic has taught […]

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By Manjali Khosla | Last Updated: November 20, 2023 | 12 min read

While everyone was engrossed in their busy lives, the Covid-19 pandemic hit like lightning. Within days, and without time to prepare, people were re-organizing their lives, making important decisions quickly and adapting at a pace never seen before. The status quo is likely to remain even for the coming few months or years. Even otherwise, the pandemic has taught people many lessons that can serve as a reminder for insurance against future unexpected events.

One of the first things that people would have noticed is that there is not enough space for so many people at home all the time. A big challenge for Indians is managing yourself in confined spaces. According to census data, 69 percent of India lives in one or two room homes. In contrast, just five percent of Indians have more than five rooms in their homes. Add to this the concept of living together, and you have many people cramped under one roof.

For families living together, there are office-goers, children, non-working members, or elderly people. For those who have shifted to another town for work, it will mean a bunch of employees sharing a home or rooms. Each person also has a chunk of items in his possession that will take up space. How then will you be able to manage the Covid-19 challenges with such cluttered living?

What used to be a home where people would return after toiling or studying outside has now been converted into mini-schools and mini-offices. Children getting ready in the morning for their online classes and later for online tuitions. Employees quickly downing their cup of tea or coffee just in time for their morning virtual meet-ups, followed by a grueling day at work in front of their laptops. Life has changed completely. As the responsibilities have piled up, space seems to have shrunk.

Amidst all this hassle, how can you make one big change in your lifestyle that can solve a lot of problems? The answer lies in the concept of Self Storage. Now, more than ever, self storage will come to the rescue of many people. Though a fairly new concept in India, people in the west have been using self storage for a lot of their needs for years.

A self storage is a warehouse facility provided by a reputed company where you can store items that you don’t generally use, but you still need it. These could be old files, things with a nostalgic touch, items that come in handy rarely, anything that’s taking up too much space, but you invested too much in it to throw it away, etc. As long as it is not a perishable item, self storage can make room in your home as well as your lives.

Take your first step by decluttering your home. Over the years, a lot of items start accumulating in our physical space without us noticing it. The result? A cluttered space that also impacts the way we think and function.

The ABCs of decluttering

It’s important to get into the habit of decluttering. How many times have you cleared your table only to find it back as before within days? If you take a look, you will identify that there are certain things that keep returning to your table. The same is the case with your whole home. Let’s be honest – do you really use every single item or furniture? The answer is most likely a ‘no.’

With Covid-19 cases rising, homes need to work as multi-functional spaces with higher efficiency. Self storage can help you achieve this task with ease. Before Covid-19, a thought like this would occur only at an extreme end. But now, things are different. Lives have changed and priorities too. It is out of necessity that homes need more space. And unfortunately, the option to just add another room is not so easy. Instead, self storage is the answer you’re seeking.

Let’s start with understanding how you can declutter. The first thing is to identify the needs of each family member (and any new ones if they are on the way!). This will help you figure out what each person needs on a daily basis. Next, make a list of all those items that have been stashed inside since the lockdown and are not likely to come out anytime soon. Add to this the items that have been taking up space inside cabinets or storage rooms.

Image your home once you clear out all these things. How does it look? Does it look more open and free? Does it feel calmer? Do you have more space to move about? Have you been able to provide more space for the members or even create a new space altogether? This imagination will help you look forward to your new decluttered home.

After you’ve identified these items, check for a self storage space that will meet your requirements. At Self Storage India, we have adopted standard SOPs and undertake frequent hygiene measures to safeguard your items from the virus. You can rest assured that you and your items are safe. We only request you to also follow the hygiene and social distancing requirements from your end.

How can self storage benefit you?

Once you pack off your items to a self storage unit, you will find there’s enough space to accommodate people. Maybe your storage room can be converted into an office cubicle? This way, your storage room remains away from the hustle and bustle of the home and gives you privacy. It also makes one feel like they are in the office. Most people working from home have been complaining about home activities interfering in their office hours.

Children studying from home can also do so calmly. At school, their minds are geared to attend a lecture and be with friends. However, the pandemic has disconnected them from school life. It has now turned to individual classes. The experience can be quite boring. This can be improved. After you have decluttered and sent off items to Self Storage India, create a makeshift school corner for your kid.

This corner can be decorated to make it more lively and cheerful. Keep school book and stationery at an arm’s length. Clear away any unnecessary distractions to the eye. They have a powerful impact on the way we think. Your productivity (even for elders) depends a lot on the clutter in your home.

If you haven’t given a thought yet, now is the time to do. These examples listed above are just the most normal cases. For people in specialized fields such as entertainment, music, etc., having a silent and private space is the bare minimum of their work needs. In such cases, the entire setup of the house has to be changed.

That does not mean you need to throw away everything and buy them all again when you need them. At an affordable cost, you can rent a Self Storage India unit and retain your precious items while also focusing on your work at hand.

While we’re at it, here are some ways you can declutter your home on a regular basis:

  • Frequently keep discarding items you no longer need
  • Don’t buy things that are beyond your purchasing power
  • Identify that junk-collecting spot (e.g., your room chair) and clear it as often as possible
  • Decline taking free items

Junk keeps piling up in our lives, but we don’t have to necessarily stay attached to them forever. You have two options: either you throw it away, or you keep it away. Depending on how important is the item, you can take the call. If it’s a childhood relic or a rare item, place your trust in a Self Storage India. If it’s something you don’t need, throw it away and don’t think about it later.

If you want to know more about Self Storage India and the services provided, check out our website.

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