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Different needs in life call for innovative solutions. When it comes to events like relocations, renovations, creating space for a new family member, safekeeping valuable items, or just keeping a spare room, Self Storage India’s storage solutions can help. Anytime you need space, we can come to the rescue.

As India’s first self storage solutions provider, we have massive storage facilities, easy plans, and benefits that can help you figure out your short- and long-term storage needs.

We are committed to providing you with an effortless and secure way to store your personal belongings. Make more space in your home or office using our affordable and conveniently located Self Storage facilities in Delhi NCR. You can make use of our warehouses in Gurugram or Noida.

Reclaim your valuable and precious real estate by using your space wisely and not for the purpose of storage. Studies have shown that spacious rooms have a positive impact on people’s productivity. Use our storage solutions to free up your area and living spaces.

Here are some events when our facility can help you out:

Relocation: Whether you are moving out of your old home or office, you will need some place to keep your belongings, such as furniture and boxes. While you can carry around small items, these big ones need to be dropped off at someplace safe. Use our self storage service to store them at a designated spot.

Renovation: Maybe you want to uplift the look of your home, or your office wants a much needed repair. Either way, Self Storage India can be of assistance. We have a range of room sizes that can suit your needs.

Moving abroad: Sometimes, career or personal incidents call us far away from our home. When it comes to moving abroad, it is not possible to carry everything. You can either sell off your items or keep them stored at our self storage facility.

Decluttering: Over time, our homes become homes to even those tons of boxes and unused items lying everywhere. They take up valuable space and energy. How about you pack them off and keep them safely with our storage solutions? It leaves you with the freedom to enjoy every inch of the space at home.

Extra Storage: Maybe you have run out of space to keep your home or office items. The place you have can no longer support new additions, and you have to find a new home for these items. We can fix that for you.

Types of Storage Solutions

Self Storage India provides different types of storage solutions. If you are looking to store a few boxes, then check out our Box Storage options. These are convenient if you just need a small space for parcels and not an entire unit.

On the other hand, if you have lots of things to store, such as furniture, equipment, sports items, gadgets, etc., look out for Private Room solutions. These are lockable units of different sizes.

The utility lockers are handy for storing important documents or small precious items.  

A representative list of items currently stored with us includes vehicles such as motorcycles and bicycles. Both households and offices are presently keeping appliances, electronic items, furniture, stationery, business-related documents, paintings, and antiques, to name a few.

Further, individuals with self-storage needs are storing gym equipment, luggage, seasonal clothing, musical instruments, toys, and much more. You, too, can use our storage options to ease your life.

Whatever is your situation, you can rely on Self Storage India to provide you with the right storage solutions at the right time. We can help you minimize clutter and adapt to the changes happening in your life. Meanwhile, all your belongings are safe at our warehouses. You can keep them there for as long as you like.

Why Self Storage India’s Storage Solutions

Self Storage India has been in the self-storage business since 2013. We have studied and understood the unique storage needs in India and refined our processes accordingly. Your items are important, precious, and may even have sentimental value attached. Therefore, we take utmost care to ensure your goods are secured so that you have peace of mind.

Some of the benefits that you get when you pick from among our range of storage solutions are:-

– 24X7 surveillance

– Restricted access to units

– Complimentary plastic pallets

– Pest control

Self Storage India’s tie-up with National Insurance also ensures that your goods get a free insurance cover while they are with us. This insurance covers fire, burglary, earthquake, and RSMD risks.

Experience the freedom and convenience of self storage. Choose your unit today itself. If you need any questions answered, you can visit our FAQ page or speak to an executive online.

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