How to Store Golf Clubs

How to Store Golf Clubs
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Golf is one of the most expensive sports out there and is usually associated with the elite. No matter the perception related to it, golf has plenty of enthusiasts- budding and blossomed. From selecting the right storage solution to protecting your clubs from damage, our expert tips on how to store golf clubs will help you keep your gear in top condition. Don’t let your golf clubs clutter up your home.

Whichever category you belong to, you’ll need to store the most important of your golf equipment – the clubs. Brand new, top of the line clubs can range in price from $400 – $1200 per piece, they are not cheap items that can continuously be purchased over and over again. It is essential to take proper care of such a substantial investment. Read on to know how to do that best.

Depending on Golf clubs storage duration

Short term golf clubs storage

There are certain areas where golf clubs should not be stored, including the trunk of any car. As long as the garage is clean and dry, it can be a safe storage place if it is available as an option. Inside the home is an ideal place to store golf clubs; let’s look in detail regarding the best storage options for golf clubs.

Golf clubs left in the car become forgotten and usually stay there for a few days. Until then, the clubs will be clanging, banging and rattling around in the trunk. By placing your clubs in the trunk of your car, it provides the ideal condition to develop dents, nicks, scrapes and scratches on your clubs.

Heat is another reason golf clubs can ruin when left in the car. Temperatures in a vehicle can rise quickly, especially on summer days. These heightened temperatures can lead to the breakdown of the epoxy affixed on the clubhead. The glue under the grip can also break down, resulting in the grip slipping off the shaft.

Golf clubs storage in the garage is preferable than the trunk of a car. Just remember to make sure the club and the bag it is in, are both dry. Clubs should not be stored under anything as the weight could bend them. If moisture tends to accumulate in the garage, then your home is the safest place for the clubs since humidity can lead to rust. Epoxy and resin breakdowns shouldn’t be a problem in the garage since temperatures don’t go as high as in a car.

However, these are just short term storage solutions and aren’t always ideal as there may not be space for the clubs in either the garage or in the home. A self storage unit would help to free up space, keep your clubs dry, secure, and can be a practical solution even for a short period.

Long term golf clubs storage

Maybe you won’t be hitting the green for a few months due to an illness, prolonged travel, or the season? For such an extended length of time, it is not possible to store the clubs in either the garage or at home as it becomes a hindrance. Storing your golf equipment at a self storage facility is the best course of action.

Before you bring them to the storage, however, clean them thoroughly. Clean the clubheads and grips. Wipe down the shafts. Clean the interior of the golf bag and let it thoroughly dry before you put the clubs in it, also completely dry.

If your bag has a rain cover, use it on the bag. Put it in the corner of the unit where it won’t get knocked over constantly or fall.

Make sure that the environment the clubs are in isn’t too cold. Prolonged exposure to it can damage the grips and cause them to crack or harden. The clubhead and shaft won’t be damaged, however. A self storage facility has a controlled environment making it an ideal location.

It is essential to remember to visit the facility often to check on the condition of your equipment and clean it if need be.

If playing golf is one of your passions, then it is essential that your love translates into actionable care for your equipment. Keep the above points and information in mind next time you are planning storage. It’ll keep you in the game for the long haul. Happy golfing!