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Cycling as a hobby has gotten popular over the recent years. It’s environment-friendly and when it comes to a city like Delhi which is constantly battling extensive traffic and pollution levels, bicycles act as saviors.

Seeing the increasing number of bicycles, you would think that people would also become versed in bicycle storage and safekeeping. Alas, it isn’t so.

To fill these knowledge gaps, we share below the best cycle storage methods. If you aren’t going to be using your bike for a sustained period of time, then it’s important to make preparations for this storage season. When you pull out your bike to ride again, it should be as good as new. Read on.

Why care about bike storage

Most people think tying up their bicycle outside does the trick. But, have you stopped to consider the weather?

The sun can strip away the paint. The rain can taint the bike. In winters, snow, ice, and the rock salt sprayed on them can chip away the metal. Pigeons can make the bike their poop station. Finally, thieves might still find a way to steal your precious ride.

The solution for these problems occurs through storing the cycle in the garage. This again isn’t the best option since necessary precautions aren’t taken before propping it against the garage wall.

Safeguarding your bicycle

The best option then, especially for residents of the city, is to book a self-storage unit. Not only will your bicycle be inside but it will be in an environment that is made for storage and safekeeping.

Before you haul your bike to the unit, though, make sure you do the following:

1. Clean it up

Before putting it away for storage, make sure you take the time to clean your bike. Dirt, grime, bugs, stains can cause unpredictable damage like aiding the bike to rust. Use a soft brush to clean the bike. Make sure you clear the gears, chain, and frame. Wrap up the cleaning process by clearing away the remaining dirt with a dust-free rag.

2. Inflate the tyres

If the bike is left standing too long in 1 position, it can lead to the formation of a dead spot due to the weight of the bike. To avoid this from happening, properly inflate the tires so that they can bear the weight of the bicycle without giving away.

3. Lubricate the cables

Prevent the cables from rusting by lubricating them properly.

4. Consider bicycle hooks

Bicycle hooks are great if your storage unit is going to be filled with other items, too. They are also a great way to prevent dead spots in the tires altogether.

In fact, it’s a great vertical storage space hack for your home, too. If you have empty space on your walls (and would prefer your bicycle as a decoration piece), then you can use a hook to prop it up on the wall.

The above simple pointers will ensure that your bike will remain in stellar condition even as you push it and lock it up in storage. Now the next time you take a break from cycling, implement the above tips to make sure that when you pull your bicycle out, it still looks and feels shiny new.

Happy riding!