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Nothing is worse than having an overly cluttered kitchen. Even when you wish to prepare nutritious meals, the counter space constantly is covered with miscellaneous objects that obstruct your creativity and efficiency. We understand what is going through your mind: “I’ll just place them in cabinets.” The sad news is that they will not fit, and even if they did, they would still occupy valuable space. So, how can you keep organisation in your kitchen without giving up precious space? To aid you, we have put together some of the best kitchen organisation hacks to get you started:

1. Get a Cooking Caddy/Cart for Convenience

Caddies are practical kitchen organisation items. There are several advantages to having one, whether you use it to store your spices, oils, and seasonings or keep track of your favourite cookbooks. Here are just the top three reasons why buying a caddy for your kitchen can be a clever idea:

· Maintain Order with Your Spices

Spices and condiments are kept concealed and grouped in a caddy. To make it easier for you to remember what goes inside each container, label them. In the section below, we have listed various methods to arrange and store your spices in a neat and efficient manner. Follow kitchen organisation hacks to organise spices.

· Make Meal Preparation Simpler

You can cut down on meal preparation time by keeping all your ingredients handy. You can save time and effort by having everything ready to go on a caddy, without anything adding to the clutter. 

· Reduce Costs

Purchasing a caddy is a wonderful method to guarantee you never run out of expensive ingredients or let them go past their best-before dates. In many cases, if you buy a caddy instead of buying the same quantity of spices separately, you will pay less per gram as well.

2. Small Kitchen Spice Storage

Spice racks are excellent for keeping your kitchen organised. They make it simpler to find items by keeping everything organised and nice. Did you know that there are various kinds of spice racks? Here are some recommendations to aid you in picking the best solution for your needs:

· Select a Size that fits Your Need

Before investing in a spice rack, consider how much storage you have. Do all your spices fit in the available space? Or will you gradually add more? This should be reflected in the size of your spice rack.

· Examine the Materials

Wooden spice racks are traditional and enduring. Metal ones, though, are a modern alternative. There are several diverse types of metal racks, including open shelves.

· Benefit from Extra Space

Consider hanging a spice rack on your wall if there is a place for one. You get more storage space while keeping a tidy, uncluttered kitchen.

· Adding Colour

Any room gains personality from colour. A vibrant spice rack gives your kitchen a lively, appealing appearance.

3. Pull-out Chopping Board

A kitchen gadget that offers lots of storage space while still fitting into compact kitchens is a removable chopping board. For individuals who do not want to overstuff their counters with tools, this cutting board is ideal.

· Utilise what you currently have

You can easily turn an existing drawer organiser into a pull-out cutting board. Simply take off the drawer’s dividers and insert the boards into the slots.

· Be Innovative

A detachable chopping board can be tailored in countless ways to suit your taste. You could, for instance, paint it, add handles, or make your own.

4. Concealed Message Centre

Many of us use kitchen spaces also to keep our household to-dos. Children’s activity schedules or meal plans – everything can be removed from countertops to clear precious space. A budget technique to keep these messages is to post a dry-erase board on a door. Bins can be fastened to a door frame or wall using double-sided foam mounting tape. 

5. Backsplash Rack with Decor

Without having to spend money on new cabinets or tiles, a beautiful backsplash rack is a wonderful way to add more storage space to your home. You do not even need to drill holes into your walls to install these racks because they are so simple to install. It only requires that you mount it to the wall and hang some hooks from the shelf. This style of rack is ideal for kitchens because it adds more storage space and looks excellent. Organise your kitchen rack with the help of kitchen organisation hacks.

6. Nesting Kitchen Boxes That Stack

Since you spend most of your time in the kitchen, it only makes sense to make it as functional as possible. What about the instances where you simply want to whip something up quickly? It is not always possible to wait around for meals to finish cooking. Enter the kitchen box that can be stacked and nestled. This item is made to be space-efficient while yet having room for several pans and kitchenware. 

7. Tension Rod Storage Hack

Although having a spot to keep our favourite kitchen utensils is a great idea, we do not want to always spend money on expensive cabinet organisers. Therefore, we recommend a straightforward fix: utilise paper towel tubes. These are inexpensive and can be used to hang your favourite wooden spoon in the kitchen. A tidy pot rack or knife block serves a similar purpose. 

8. Refrigerator/Freezer Stackable Storage Bins

It is simpler to keep products in the refrigerator and freezer with stackable storage bins or fridge bags without having to worry about tipping over the contents. They do not leach chemicals into your food because they are made of food-grade polypropylene. Additionally, you will never run out of room again because they can be stacked. Kitchen organisation hacks help you to organise and store food in a refrigerator.

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