Ready to Try a New Shopping Style This Season? Get Ready to Thrift.

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As soon as the new season arrives, people get ready to empty their wardrobes of the previous season’s clothing and fill it with finds from the latest one. As the Northern Hemisphere rolls over into spring and then into summer, you would be doing the same. Get ready to transform your wardrobe with New Shopping Style! Thrifting is the latest trend this season and Self Storage India is here to help you declutter and make space for your new finds.

However, before you head out to buy the latest trends from Zara, Marks and Spencer or Tommy Hilfiger, we have a new buying method for you to try this year: thrifting.

Not only does thrifting help you to save money on clothes, but it is also an environment friendly choice. By choosing not to invest money in new clothes, you are saying no to the consumerism trend that believes in lots of self consumption at the expense of the environment.

Also, you can find great vintage clothing at thrift stores that would be very hard to find in your local shopping mall.

All that being said, if you are ready to give thrifting a try this year (and we hope you are), then the following points will aid you in your thrifting adventures:

Have a special eye for quality

It’s important to not have over-the-board expectations when it comes to thrift clothes. At the same time, it is important to not shop blindly. You must carefully check for any wear and tear, or any imperfections that might render the item un-wearable in the long run.

The more you thrift, the more you’ll develop this eye for quality and get better at finding silk, polyester, wool, and good-quality cotton that can hold well and look well.

Expect imperfections since the clothes you are going for are vintage and secondhand. See the flaws in them as little markers and remembrances of who wore them last. Focus on the material and the fit, and try stuff on if you can.

Have a goal

Even while thrifting, yes. This is because when you see the ridiculously reduced prices, it is very natural to exult in your great spending powers. You want to buy every item that you end up liking even minutely.

This can lead to another epidemic altogether- buying clothes you are never going to wear. Imagine how you are cluttering up your life and wardrobe due to the same.

So, whenever you are headed to a thrift store, have a goal in mind. A smidgen of an idea at least about what you want to buy. Then raid that particular section thoroughly- be it coats, shirts, shawls, whatever.

If you go to thrift stores without this preparation, then you run the risk of either buying too much or buying nothing at all out of overwhelm. Both count as unfruitful shopping trips.

Pay it forward

Your beloved vintage jacket or secondhand dress wouldn’t be in your wardrobe if someone hadn’t parted with them. So once you begin thrifting, it’s time to pay it forward.

Make it a seasonal ritual to look through your wardrobe, decide what you love and what you don’t, then carry off the latter items to a thrift store. Someone somewhere will adore those bell-bottom jeans from the ‘90s as much as you once did.

Delhi natives can head to this thrift store and see if there is something for them. Mumbai residents can choose something from here. If physical shopping ain’t your thing, then there are plenty of online thrift stores one can buy from and sell to.

Whatever your medium, it’s time now to shop like never before. Happy thrifting!