Prepare your Home for the Festive Season 

The festive season is about to start. Diwali seems like only a few weeks away. A crucial aspect of organising your home for the festive season is decluttering. If you put it off until later, you will never get to enjoy any of the festivals – Diwali, Eid, Christmas, or New year since there will […]

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By Manjali Khosla | Last Updated: August 16, 2023 | 12 min read

The festive season is about to start. Diwali seems like only a few weeks away. A crucial aspect of organising your home for the festive season is decluttering. If you put it off until later, you will never get to enjoy any of the festivals – Diwali, Eid, Christmas, or New year since there will always be something to clean. Therefore, be sure to start organising now. We regularly clean our home but we have to put extra effort into festival cleaning. 

Here is a room-by-room guide to help you ensure nothing gets left behind in your decluttering drive this festive season: 

1. The Kitchen 

One of the most crucial areas in our house is the kitchen. Every day, we spend a significant amount of time there cooking, tidying up after ourselves, and having family dinners. We devote a lot of time cooking, baking, making sweets, etc., for the family around the festival season. As you go through the process of cleaning appliances and clearing out drawers throughout the weeks leading up to the preparation for the holidays, you may come across some items that you do not need or are not working properly. It is highly suggested that you check ahead of time and make a list of the appliances that you do not need or need to go in for repair. Festival cleaning is incomplete without cleaning the kitchen. 

Do not put off getting ready for family and guests until the last minute. Making a start on your to-do list today will help you to reduce your stress in the future. Here are some other tips that are useful to keep in mind while preparing your kitchen for the hectic season: 

  • Keep the counters and backsplash clean 

Keeping your kitchen looking great can be accomplished most simply by cleaning the counters and backsplash. To clean the surfaces, just mix some dish soap with some warm water. Use baking soda and vinegar as a cleaning agent for harder stains like grease. Simply apply the mixture to the surface, let it sit for 15 minutes, and then wipe away any extra. Try not to leave the spills for too long because they attract bacteria and become harder to clean. 

  • Verify that everything is stored properly. 

Consider investing in a cabinet organiser if your kitchen lacks adequate storage space. Typically, these organisers have shelves and drawers to help you organise your belongings. They are ideal for concealing but still making accessible items like utensils and spices. Make sure all the cleaning supplies you could need, such as sponges, rags, mops, and other items, are concealed but within easy reach as well like under the kitchen sink. 

  • Replace worn appliances 

Your microwave, refrigerator, and oven all put forth ongoing effort to maintain the quality and safety of your food. However, after some time, those gadgets begin to suffer from wear and tear. When it is time to replace them, look up online evaluations and get feedback from your friends and neighbours to identify the best appliance for your family. 

2. Bathroom 

Cleaning your bathroom is not easy. Your toilet needs to be cleaned regularly. With guests arriving during the festive season, they tend to need more regular cleaning, but you do not want to spend all day cleaning it. Additionally, you do not want to use corrosive chemicals that can harm your tiles and pipes. However, how can you tell which agents are secure enough to utilise near your plumbing system? 

The best course of action when you need to thoroughly clean for the holiday season is to contact a licenced plumber. They will be knowledgeable on the best products for use with showers, tubs, sinks, toilets, and much more. Get quality cleaning and look for cleaning products that include hydrogen peroxide, ammonia, or bleach. Use this chance to declutter your bathroom too!

3. Spare Bedroom 

The extra bedroom is frequently forgotten about because it does not seem to be used too much. However, during the holiday season, it may play host to several visitors. You can do a lot with it to make it feel more comfortable. Make room for storage. Simply adding shelves or drawers will suffice to provide space for your guests’ clothing without costing a lot. If you do not have enough room, think about installing a clothing unit. 

Layering fabrics, textures, soft bedlinen, quilts, warm lighting, and a brightly coloured blanket at the foot of the bed will help a guest bedroom feel like a home away from home. All these supplies can be placed in the cabinets of the room or even moved to your Self-storage unit to protect them from weather and unwanted bugs eating away at them when the festive season is over. 

Throw pillows and bright colours on them to decorate with eye-catching art and furnishings. 

4. Special Crockery 

Those special dinner plates gifted at your wedding or some fine China you had bought on your trips might be stored away safely in your self-storage unit. The festive season is the perfect excuse to bring them back into your home. Keeping crockery in a self-storage unit is the best way to make sure they do not lose their lustre or get damaged in cleaning. 

Silverware should never be washed with soap or detergent; instead, it should be stored with chalk to avoid tarnishing. Clean the cutlery by rubbing it in a solution of a little baking soda and warm water. This helps keep your silverware looking shining and avoids tarnishing. 

5. Laundrette 

One of the most laborious activities we complete each week is washing the laundry. Prior to the holiday season though, it can be additionally intimidating. There are many methods to improve, speed up, and make things simpler. Laundry consumes a lot of time during festival cleaning. 

Wear protective gloves whenever you clean; wash your garments and drapes with high-quality detergent, and never leave cleaning supplies where children may access them. 

These five suggestions are bound to attract positive energies in a well-oriented and pleasant environment. The visitors and guests who come to meet you for the holiday celebrations will experience a peaceful atmosphere and most of all, you will always have a clean and clutter-free home this festive season! 

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