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The most personal and private area in a house is often the bedroom. We sleep, rest, unwind, and refuel there. However, after spending an increasing amount of time inside during the lockdown you may start to feel like your room is like a prison cell. You can make your dream bedroom a tranquil, cosy, and […]

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By Manjali Khosla | Last Updated: March 28, 2023 | 12 min read

The most personal and private area in a house is often the bedroom. We sleep, rest, unwind, and refuel there. However, after spending an increasing amount of time inside during the lockdown you may start to feel like your room is like a prison cell. You can make your dream bedroom a tranquil, cosy, and relaxing space with a little imagination and careful design. Keep reading on to find more styles and techniques that will inspire you to create the bedroom of your dreams!

Where do you start when designing a dream bedroom?

Consider what you want from your bedroom before you start designing it.

  • What do you need?
  • What kind of room do you have?
  • Do you prefer bold hues, muted tones, or something else different?

 You can decide where to concentrate your efforts by using these questions.

Next, take your room’s size into account. Use added storage solutions, such as under-bed drawers or cabinets, if you do not have enough room. To maximise your space, you might even install a built-in wardrobe, or you might even want to store some unused furniture in a Self-Storage unit like Self Storage India.

When designing a dream bedroom, the first step is to identify your personal style and preferences.

Finally, consider how you want to style your bedroom:

  • Do you like bright colours and vivid patterns better than softer tones and neutrals?
  • Do you have any ideas that you would like to include in your design?

Now that you know what you are looking for, you will be better prepared to start your bedroom renovation project.

Here are seven pointers to keep in mind it when you start your restyling process:

1.      Choose the Best Colour for Your Bedroom

According to colour psychology, warm hues like red, orange, yellow, brown, and green uplift and energise people. Cooler colours, such as blue, purple, and grey, have the tendency to soothe and relax you. Cooler hues are typically linked to technology, science, art, and culture, while warmer hues are typically associated with the natural world. Every rule has an exception, though. For instance, because cool colours are less exciting, some people prefer them.

2.      Plan the Best Bedroom Layout

Your bed can be positioned lengthwise to maximise space in the room. Better storage choices are provided by fitted wardrobes than by unfitting ones. Less space is needed for storage in smaller spaces. Think about how much space you have and whether there are enough locations to put everything you wish to keep if you live in a smaller home. If only a part of the property is being converted, no planning permit is always needed. This can be the case because obtaining planning approval for a small area is simpler than for a large one. Additionally, some areas might not require planning authorization.

If a loft, attic, or basement conversion is something you are thinking about, carefully consider where you would like to put your new bed or wardrobe. Keep in mind that you could need planning clearance for some loft features. Also keep in mind that you do not have to transfer everything downstairs; you may simply add a lift or use the current stairs.

It’s important to consider the layout and size of your room when planning your dream bedroom design.

3.      Choose the Best Bed for Your Bedroom Design

Varied sizes and shapes are available for bed frames. Some are made to support box springs, while others are made to hold mattresses. It is crucial to get a bed frame with the correct measurements if you want to ensure that your mattress fits properly. A bed frame that does not fit your room should not be bought because it will prevent you from making the best use of the available space. The following advice will help you find the ideal bed frame for your residence:

·         Measure Your Room

The room’s length and width should be measured. You can then decide what size bed frame you need. Remember to take a measurement of the height of your ceiling. Be sure to round the measurement of the ceiling height up by ten inches.

·         Consider Storage Options

If you intend to keep goods like boxes, bags, blankets, etc. under your bed, consider whether you would prefer to buy a bed frame with built-in storage possibilities. These mattresses are typically more expensive, but they are worthwhile because they offer extra usefulness.

Consider adding storage solutions, such as shelves or a wardrobe, to keep your dream bedroom organized and clutter-free.

·         Bed Size

Based on the size of your bed, choose a bed frame. Typically, a king-size bed is wider than a queen-size bed. Considering this, if you have a king-size bed, you ought to buy a king-size bed frame.

·         Look at the Material

Typically, wooden bed frames cost more than metal ones. However, hardwood bed frames look finer and last longer.

4.      Bring in Small Storage Pieces

Having storage areas is helpful for keeping organisation, but picking the right ones is crucial. Finding the ideal size, selecting the ideal materials, and selecting the ideal accessories are just a few of the many factors that go into creating a solid storage solution. The finest storage options work best together, not in opposition to one another. For instance, you could use a file cabinet to keep paperwork organised and neat while a drawer organiser would keep your pens and pencils close at reach. Make sure there is enough room for whatever you plan to store. You will not be able to store anything efficiently if you do not have adequate space. Organizing will be defeated if you end up having to spend money on larger boxes or containers.

Finally, think about the contents of your storage system. Will you continue to add things in the future? Do you already have a surplus of items? Consider your storage needs and whether it makes sense to buy more components or hire/rent out a self-storage unit, like the one offered to you by Self Storage India.

5.      Get Your Drapes Right

Finding out what your room needs is the first step in finding out how to choose curtains for windows. Homeowners often choose curtains, drapes, blinds, and shades without understanding the distinctions. If you do, these window coverings may obstruct the recommended quantity of sunshine entering your home. Knowing the distinctions between this two soft furniture is crucial. Curtains are lightweight cloth panels that hang from curtain rods. They are ideal for living rooms because they are often used for privacy reasons. In contrast, drapes are constructed of heavier textiles that are designed to filter sunlight, making them perfect for bedrooms.

6.      Invest in Artificial Lighting

Bathrooms, kitchens, offices, and bedrooms should all have natural light, but when it is dark, we tend to use those spaces more slowly. Planning and carefully deciding which sort of lighting is ideal for each room are essential to maximising the potential of artificial lighting. Consider how much natural light you want to bring into your room as an excellent place to start. Although it may seem obvious, many people are unaware of how much light their homes are missing because of ineffective fixtures or poorly placed windows. Consider adding some artificial lighting if you are searching for a quick, inexpensive method to brighten a space.

Incandescent bulbs, CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lights), Halogen Lamps, and LED bulbs are the most widely used types of artificial illumination. They supply adequate brightness for reading and working at night, incandescent bulbs are still highly popular. Make sure to get the right fixtures for the job if you intend to add more lighting to your home. For smaller places, when there is not much surface area around the bulb, a recessed fixture, for instance, is ideal. When highlighting a focal point in a bigger area, a pendant lamp is a smart alternative. Consider how much light you truly need when choosing a fixture. Keep in mind that if more light is needed, you may simply add more lamps or bulbs later.

7.      Do not Forget Bedroom Flooring

Although solid wood floors are a traditional choice for bedrooms, you might want to think about another kind of flooring. Solid wood flooring is a wonderful choice to engineered wood, which has a comparable appearance. There are many assorted colours and designs available for engineered hardwood flooring, including oak, maple, cherry, birch, hickory, mahogany, walnut, and even bamboo.

Engineered wood flooring comes in a variety of forms, including parquet, strand board, plywood, and tongue & groove boards. Engineered wood flooring is perfect for bathrooms and kitchens because it can withstand moisture and temperature changes. You need go no farther than engineered wood flooring if you want something robust.

Your home can be enjoyable and fascinating to decorate. It can also feel too much. There are so many choices available! You want everything to exactly coordinate, including the furnishings and the paintings. Additionally, some products are free or simple to build oneself, while others may cost hundreds of rupees. So, this guidance can be helpful whether you want to change the décor of your home or just add a little style.

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