Simplifying Your Life: Top 10 Items to Store in Self Storage for a Clutter-Free Home

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We all dream of a spacious, clutter-free home that breathes tranquility and harmony. But let’s face it, in our daily life, clutter accumulates faster than we can say ‘minimalism.’ Enter self storage – the key to simplifying your life and achieving the Zen-like home you’ve always wanted. In this blog post, we’ll share the top 10 items you can store in self storage for a clutter-free home. 

1. Seasonal Clothes and Decorations 

Seasonal clothes and decorations can take up unnecessary space in your home for the majority of the year. Instead of letting your holiday decorations or winter coats clutter your closets, why not move them into self storage? This way, they’ll be safe, organized, and out of sight until you need them again. 

2. Extra Furniture 

Are there pieces of furniture around your home that you rarely use but can’t bear to part with? Self storage is the perfect solution. It allows you to keep your favorite furniture items without them crowding your living space. 

3. Sentimental Items 

We all have items of sentimental value that we treasure but don’t necessarily use or display. Instead of letting these items clutter your home, consider moving them into a self storage unit. This way, you can preserve your memories without sacrificing your living space. 

4. Books and Magazines 

For the avid readers and collectors out there, books and magazines can quickly become a source of clutter. By placing them in self storage, you can free up space on your shelves and still have access to your collection whenever you feel like diving into a good book. 

5. Sports and Recreational Equipment 

From camping gear to skiing equipment, these items can eat up a lot of space in your garage or basement. Storing them in a self storage unit during the off-season can help keep your home clutter-free. 

6. Appliances and Kitchenware 

Have kitchen appliances or special cookware that you only use occasionally? Consider self storage. You’ll free up precious kitchen cabinet space and still have these items on hand for when you need them. 

7. Collectibles 

Whether you’re a fan of vintage toys, stamps, coins, or any other collectibles, these items can take up significant space in your home. Safely store them in a self storage unit to maintain your collection without the clutter. 

8. Business Inventory 

If you run a small business from home, you likely have inventory or supplies taking up space. A self storage unit can be an ideal place to keep these items organized and accessible without them interfering with your home life. 

9. Renovation Materials 

Planning a home renovation? Keep your materials and tools in a self storage unit to prevent them from cluttering up your home before and during the project. 

10. Personal Records and Documents 

Keep your important documents and records safe and organized in a self storage unit. This will not only protect them but also free up space in your home office or study. 


Self storage is a practical and efficient solution for decluttering your home. By storing these top 10 items in a self storage unit, you can simplify your life and enjoy a clutter-free home. Remember, a tidy home is a peaceful home!