Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning Tips
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For the people in the Northern Hemisphere of the world, this is a cheerful time of the season. They are straddled between the cold freezing winters which are on their way out and the blazing hot summers which are on their way in. Flowers are blooming everywhere. It is neither too hot nor too cold. The weather is perfect. Here we cover everything from decluttering and organizing to deep cleaning appliances and tackling hard-to-reach areas. With our helpful spring cleaning tips, you’ll have your home looking and feeling clean and refreshed in no time.

With this change of seasons comes the time to stow away woolens and other winter material that is no longer needed in the upcoming months. Many call it ‘spring cleaning’ and it makes for a beautiful ritual to celebrate this light and cheerful time of the year.

If you feel the call to declutter your home and clean up your wardrobe in preparation for the lighter, hotter weather, then below are a few tips to help you with each room:

Tips for spring cleaning in each room

In the kitchen

  • Organize cupboards and cabinets. Line them up with newspapers or non-printed paper.
  • Clean out the fridge and throw out all expired items
  • Scrub the floor and counters clean

In the garage (or storeroom)

  • Hang bikes if possible
  • Sweep the floor
  • Go through your toolbox and decide what to ditch and what to keep
  • Organize the boxes and stack them neatly
  • Replace old lightbulbs with energy-efficient ones

In the bathroom

  • Polish the mirror and faucets
  • Clean the floors and bath
  • Sanitize the sink and toilet
  • Scour the shower and tub. If the water is hard, you can clean the shower head with vinegar to make the water flow better. Keep it dipped in the solution for a while.

In the bedroom

  • Wipe your wardrobe clean and line them with paper (newspapers work very well)
  • Sweep under the rugs and bed
  • Sort through your clothes and decide which ones you want to keep
  • Bedsheets, pillowcases, and blankets go to the laundry to be replaced by fresh ones
  • Go through your medicine box/ cabinet and throw out expired medications

In the living room

  • Clean the windows
  • Keep old newspapers and magazines in the trash and then sell them off to the kabari waala
  • Dust ceiling fans and table surfaces
  • Deep clean the carpet

After you are done tackling all of the rooms, there is only one step left to do:

Book a self storage unit

An odd tip for many people since they are used to stashing clothes and objects in bed boxes and closets. However, you would have come across lots of items collected during last winters or the years before which you no longer need (lehengas that you bought during the Oct-Dec wedding season, pashmina shawls you receive as gifts, a combination of both that you have collected over the years, etc.)

By employing the services of a self storage facility for household goods storage you can bring about a significant change in the way that your house feels. It can make your home feel so much more uncluttered and as a result, spacious and peaceful.

If you bought multiple heaters for each room during winters, then you can store these at the facility and not stash them above your cupboard.

If you are relocatingdownsizing, or renting your home (because you are going for a long vacation or your kids are moving away for college), then you can shift your items to the facility and make the moving process hassle-free.

If you are putting up your house for sale, then cleaning up and putting your possessions in a self-storage facility, will help to create more space which will, in turn, present your house in the best light to potential buyers.

If there are items that you don’t need now but would need later- for eg. a baby’s crib- they can go in self-storage as well and not take up precious space in your storeroom for the next 2-3 years.

In short, self-storage acts as the perfect counterpart for your spring cleaning process. A unit, no matter how small, will act as a personal goods storage space and help to give a fresh feel to your house- just like this season feels. So go ahead and book a unit for yourself now!