To Store or not to Store, that’s the question?

Store or not to Store
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With the downsizing of single family homes and rents hitting the ceiling, in the Delhi/NCR region, it makes more sense to either sell or store your household items and corporate inventory in cheaper and secure self storage facilities.

Downsizing can be a challenging process, especially when deciding what to keep and what to let go of. Our blog post addresses the question of “Store or not to store” and provides insights to help make the decision easier.

I have, too often, come across friends living in apartments using their study or one bedroom as storage space. What a waste of rent and space! It makes more sense to either sell these items (if you’re not planning on using these anyhow) or store in a facility that keeps your goods in tip-top condition with hassle-free service.

SelfStorage Warehouse India has unique storage spaces/ units to suit everyone’s budget and expectations. We are located in the heart of Noida and Gurugram and are easily accessible due to our proximity to National Highways. SelfStorage Warehouse Pvt. Ltd. helps you with all your personal and corporate storage needs and facilitates from packing and moving, from start to finish, so you can spend your valuable time doing more of the things you love.