The Ultimate 5 step guide for storing your Electronics safely 

storing your Electronics safely
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The moving process can be quite stressful but the fact that each item is unique makes it significantly more tedious. Ensuring that each item is packed, transported, and then unpacked safely can seem like an enormous task. Are you worried about how to store your electronics safely? Our website offers the 5-step guide for storing your electronics safely. 

One such category of items is Electronics. From large white goods like microwaves and televisions, to smaller and more delicate electronics like personal computers, tablets, music systems or gaming consoles, each come with their own complexity when it comes to unplugging and packing them, moving, and storing them. Expensive as they are, it becomes imperative to keep them well-preserved and safe from moisture, dust, and other harmful elements. Therefore, we have brought together the collective wisdom and experience of our self storage experts to create this Ultimate five step guide for storing your electronics safely. 

As a rule of thumb, ensure you read the re-packing instructions on each of the individual electronic items you are set to store away.

How much area will be covered by your electronic items, you can easily calculate using our Self Storage Calculator.

This 5-step guide will hold you in good stead for all your electronic storage needs: 

1. Organise: 

Electronic storage needs special material and cases. Invest in specialised superior quality electronic covers for laptops. They come in assorted sizes and shapes and can offer additional protection against scratches and bumps. Before you start: 

  • Remove CDs and DVDs from the devices and store them in a separate case. 
  • Tie the cables and wires with twist ties and place them in a sealable bag. Label these and keep them together in the same box as the device. 
  • Remove ink cartridges and toners from printers and put them in a sealable bag. 

2. Clean: 

Thoroughly clean and dry all electronic before starting to pack to ensure they are dust and germ-free. 

  • For items like microwave, ensure they are free of all food crumbs. 
  • Back up the data on all your personal computing devices. 

Super-tip: Use cloud storage service like Dropbox or Google Drive to back-up in case you need to access your data from elsewhere while your devices are in storage. 

Looking to relocate and need a clean and safe place to store your electronics? Our 5-step guide for storing your electronics safely is the perfect solution for you.

3. Unplugging: 

Disconnect and dismantle your electronic devices carefully. 

  • If you do not have the manufacturer’s guide on how to dismantle your device, look for an online downloadable version. 
  • For devices with complex connections, take pictures of how the cords are arranged and connected before unplugging. This will make the set-up process easier at your new house. 
  • For fear of losing/ displacing the pictures, you can also label the wire with the connections it has to ports, plugs, switches, etc. 

4. Wrapping: 

Wrapping is a critical stage in the packing process. It is important to keep copious amounts of anti-static packing material like bubble wrap handy during this stage. 

  • Wrap each individual device separately using bubble wrap so that no two of them rub against each other and get damaged. 
  • Avoid material that can conduct electricity. 
  • Label each bubble wrapped item with its name so that unpacking is easier 

5. Packing: 

The last step before you place your electronics in storage is to pack it right into corrugated boxes: 

  • Pad the bottom of the box with bubble wrap. Prefer using the original box if you have it. If not, use thickly made cardboard boxes. 
  • Put only one device in each box. Do not be skimpy here. 
  • Fill the gaps in the box with more bubble wrap or crumpled up newspaper so that there is no accidental wear and tear. 
  • Seal the box with tape. Label it ‘fragile,’ ‘do not drop’ and ‘this side up’ with a permanent marker to clearly indicate how the box should be kept in the car/ truck. 

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Finally, it is imperative that you mention the handling details properly so that the movers, packers, and your own family members do not end up breaking items when they thought they were doing it the right way. 

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Having said that, with products like electronics, it pays to follow this five-step guide to ensure that your electronics are safe during movement and storage.