5 Tips to Declutter your Home 

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Home is where our heart lies. This place has always held special meaning to us because it represents our life. Home is also where memories are created, and cherished moments take place. Declutter your Home for extra space. Spend your quality time with your loved ones and make it memorable.  

It is time to cleanse your house of unnecessary items and throw away those things that do not bring joy anymore. Decluttering a space can improve your mood and give you a fresh start. By removing all the cluttered stuff from your home, you will be able to focus on your family and friends instead of being distracted by junk. 

However, decluttering and cleaning your space may feel like a huge undertaking. Do you ever get overwhelmed by the clutter at home – not knowing where to start? If yes, then you should try out these tips to declutter your home. 

1. Start with as little as 5 minutes 

The thought of working on a task for hours on end can occasionally be intimidating and even make you feel tired faster. So, it is a great idea to start with as little as five minutes. Only continue if you are feeling motivated and equipped to do so. If not, quit after five minutes and try again later or the next day. If you are just starting out, five minutes a day will help you gain momentum. 

While decluttering, you can even use a timer or stopwatch. Then, says Jessica Litman of The Organized Mama, “you may keep yourself to the time restriction you established.” A timer might help you stay focused on the subject at hand if you are easily distracted. The knowledge that you only need to continue for five minutes will help you stay motivated. 


2. Start with the Insignificant Items 

If you are a sentimental person, it may be difficult for you to remove anything from your home. Choose some inexpensive, and non-sentimental items to start your decluttering process with. Going through the items is a fantastic way to take a step back and examine the need for the items in front of you. 


3. Self-Storage Units and Storage Options are Great 

To keep your home clutter-free, storage spaces are crucial. Keep toys, periodicals, throw cushions, stationery, toys, jackets, seasonal items, and other accessories in labelled baskets in storage units. 

To help you better manage your clutter, especially in tiny places, buy storage solutions like plastic crates, mason jars, and vacuum-sealed storage containers and bags. Until the clean-up is finished, you can place items that are like one another or items that fall into a specific category into the appropriate baskets. You can decide what to store and what to throw away after you have cleaned up the clutter. To store all the seasonal decor, you may also make an investment in an accessible self-storage facility like Self Storage India. 

4. Donate Items that are not Used 

Not only does donating items declutter your home but at the end of the process you will feel positive and overjoyed after the process. Knowing that you are not contributing to more waste creation but giving a new life to your old and unused articles. Simply go through your cupboard and shelves and place all your clothing or other household items into piles such as ‘keep,’ ‘donate’ and ‘throw away’ to make it easier on you. This method can be adapted to many items across the home like books, kitchen utensils and much more. 

5. Take Before and After Pictures 

Select one area of your house, such as the kitchen counter, and take a picture of it before you started cleaning. Take a picture after quickly wiping the elements in the image clean. It is simpler to start decluttering more of your home after you have seen how it could look. You could even add these pictures to your cleaning schedule to keep yourself motivated. 

The aim is to take your first step toward decluttering your life with joy, regardless of the decluttering tip you select to get started – whether it be one of these five options or other tips that have been helpful to you before. Behind all that clutter is a magnificent world of freedom and clean air. It is up to you to decide how to declutter and organise your home.