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Moving to Delhi
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Delhi, the capital city of India, rich in culture and modernity, is the dwelling place of millions of people. Every year, more and more people flock to this city, drawn by its promises of a better life.

If you are one of the many moths drawn to the flame of this city, then the below tips for moving to Delhi will smoothen the entire process and make the adjustment process more comfortable. Read on.

Pare down your baggage

Houses in Delhi aren’t always cheap or spacious. A one-room apartment can cost you anywhere from INR 12,000 to 14,000 monthly and more; if you are the type of person to have a lot of personal belongings or items with emotional attachment, then this living space can quickly become cramped.

Hence, pare down your baggage and reduce the amount of stuff you’ll bring to this city. You’ll be able to live comfortably in a new smaller space.

If getting rid of your belongings seems like an impossible task, then a private self-storage facility, like Self-Storage India, is where you can store your items safely. The secure units and facilities are fantastic for personal or business use and can be long term storage solutions for people moving to this great city.

Get protection

If you are a woman in New Delhi, one of the first few things you should buy is pepper spray. For a meager cost of INR 500, you can get one from a local pharmacist or chemist. A vital tip for moving to Delhi.

Prefer metros

Delhi is notoriously famous for its traffic jams. You don’t want to be caught in one when you have an important meeting with a client. Hence, hunt out the nearest metro station and get yourself a metro class. If you are a woman, the first coach in a metro is the women’s coach. You can travel safely there without the threat of uncultured, mischievous elements.

Just Dial

While you are new and still figuring out how to get around this bustling city, take the help of Just Dial- the offline Google. Whether you want to know about food joints in your area, bus services, home delivery services, or the name and location of anything, Just Dial will be your trusted, helpful companion.

Move according to the weather

If it is in your hands, the ideal time to move to the city is between October- February. The weather isn’t hot, and if you don’t find the cold unbearable, then you will be able to move relatively comfortably. Smog and traffic will be your enemies. Probably better than the burning, blistering heat that can figuratively kill you and your movers and packers.

Know when to go out

For women especially, Delhi is not the safest of cities. Hence, venture out carefully. Try to avoid walking on the streets at night. Return by 8 or 9 PM. If you do have to stay out, ensure you are in a group- another one of the essential tips for moving to Delhi.

Start managing finances

Delhi is a place that will stretch you financially. If you are not in the habit of calculating your finances and managing a budget, then get into it. Have some backup money in your account that will help you through the first few months of adjustments. Begin by including your rent in the calculations and figure out how much you would need to save.

Keep your calm

A pointer that most people forget to factor in when moving to Delhi.

Delhi people can get a bit aggressive, especially on the roads. Hence, try to maintain your cool as much as possible and avoid verbal (and the occasional physical) fights. The hot weather can also add to the aggravation. Deep breaths and a bottle of refreshing water are your best friends.

Delhi is a city that hums with great energy night and day. It’s only the transition period of moving to Delhi and settling into it that is tricky. But, armed with the above tips, you can ensure that you are off to a fantastic start to a tremendous experience in this beautiful city.