6 Things to keep in mind while choosing an architect  

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Whether you are redesigning your home or starting to build it from scratch, the project can be a roll-coaster journey with lots of questions and excitement. Having a stable, knowledgeable partner in the form of a good architect can smoothen this journey for you and ensure that the home design project is a success. 

It is important to find an architect who you can trust and who understands your vision for your home. Read on to find out how you can search for the right architect: 

1. Versatility 

An architect who has worked on a diverse set of projects will be able to give you holistic advice and provide the best design solutions in alignment with your dream house. Ask for a portfolio of their previous work to know what kind of buildings they have designed before. 

 2. Team skills 

Building a house is more than a one-person show. It includes you, the builder, the interior designer, and the architect. Furthermore, the architect might form their team to help design your dream home. In such a scenario, it is essential for the architect to be a collaborator and foster a positive, collaborative spirit on the site. 

3. Budgeting skills 

We all want things to be done at the lowest cost possible. An ideal architect will realise the value of your financial investment and seek to provide the best design and building solutions that fall within your budget. 

4. Reputation 

This is particularly important when you are going out to hire any professional. Before you start, make sure you have answers to questions like: 

  • What is their standing in the market? 
  • What do past clients think of them? 
  • How good are they at collaborating with builders and interior designers? 
  • Are they professional, honest, and timely at what they do? 

5. Willingness to listen 

An architect is a person who has spent time studying materials, design, structural integrity, and more. However, a good architect should also be willing to listen to how you envision your home and recommend changes keeping an open mind. 

6. Asking the right questions 

An architect should collect all the pieces of information before they can start work. To do so, asking the right questions to bring all the knowledge together is an important skill an architect can bring to the project. The research or preparations done by them can make a lot of difference. 

Remember that to make a home design or renovation project a success, you have to be an equal partner to your architect. In addition to the above tips, make sure you do your part of listening and providing timely inputs to the architect too. Be clear about aspects like budget and contracting from the very beginning so they do not make the relationship uncomfortable later and the architect knows the constraints to work within. 

Above all, choose an architect that makes the experience of designing your dream home a dream in itself. Get ready for a home that is better than you envisioned!