Kitchen Design- Transform a conventional kitchen into a modular one 

The kitchen is among the most significant and used rooms in the house. It acts as the main draw for both family members and visitors. Easy access to food and utensils depends on a well-organised kitchen. A modular kitchen is an option you might want to think about if you are remodelling your kitchen for […]

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By Manjali Khosla | Last Updated: March 29, 2023 | 12 min read

The kitchen is among the most significant and used rooms in the house. It acts as the main draw for both family members and visitors. Easy access to food and utensils depends on a well-organised kitchen. A modular kitchen is an option you might want to think about if you are remodelling your kitchen for several reasons. With the right kitchen design, you can transform a conventional kitchen into a modular one that’s both functional and stylish. 

With a modular kitchen design, you may utilise several materials to give your kitchen a distinctive appearance, including wood, glass, concrete, and stainless steel. Because they enable homeowners to tailor their kitchens to their budgets and preferences, modular designs are growing in popularity. Additionally, improved storage choices are provided by modular kitchens. 

Much like typical kitchens, modular kitchens include cabinets that slide into position rather than being attached directly to the wall. Concrete, wood, glass, metal, or plastic can all be found in these modules. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes and may be used separately or in combination to create a whole kitchen. 

Here are a few considerations if you are transforming a conventional kitchen into a modular one. 

What is a Modular Kitchen? 

Modular kitchens are a contemporary approach to planning a kitchen and its furniture arrangement. It means the use of modules of cabinets, shelves, racks, drawers, and other furniture constructed of various materials to contain accessories, cookware, crockery, and other items that can make cooking easier. The word “modular” refers to the kitchen’s construction from various modules or pieces. 

Therefore, it might be done with little effort if there is any damage or if the user wants to modify a tiny piece of the kitchen. The structure can be simply disassembled without being harmed by modular kitchen components. This type of kitchen offers the newest designs and products available along with a wide selection of things to choose from. Many arrangements, configurations, sizes, colour schemes, and materials, including fasteners, every modular kitchen could be made one of a kind yet efficiently functioning depending on your budget. 

They make effective use of the space that is at hand. This kind of kitchen is never a let-down, whether it is in the tiniest apartment kitchen or a massive kitchen in a mansion. These kitchens are modern and functional in terms of managing limited spaces, especially in the apartment-style living quarters of bustling cities. Saving time and energy is advantageous with this sort of arrangement. It is a novel idea intended to improve everyone’s quality of life.

Upgrading from a conventional kitchen to a modular one can make cooking and entertaining easier and more enjoyable. 

Why choose Modular Kitchen Design? 

A modular kitchen design gives you ease and adaptability. Depending on how many people reside in your home, you can easily extend it into assorted sizes and shapes. The number of modules you can add to this sort of kitchen design is not restricted, making it ideal for those whose houses are too small. This is the finest option for you if you frequently cook and host guests. 

For those searching for a practical approach to construct a kitchen, modular kitchen ideas are fantastic. You may alter the size and configuration of your kitchen using a modular kitchen design to suit your needs. The parts can even be rearranged whenever you choose. 

Working in a modular kitchen ensures that you will never lack for intriguing things to look at. Your kitchen is distinctive and lovely, thanks to the cabinets, drawers, shelves, and appliances. Despite being straightforward, modular kitchen designs are quite useful. 

It is also perfect if you have a little area and need to maximise it.

A modular kitchen design allows you to customize your space to suit your needs and preferences, while a conventional kitchen may be limiting in terms of layout and storage options. 


  • It is quite easy to install and assemble. 
  • The best thing about these kitchens is that they can be easily customised according to your preferences. 
  • These are easy to store and clean. 
  • A modular kitchen is perfect for people who do not like to spend much money on their kitchen. 
  • It is also ideal if you have limited space and need to make the most out of it. 


  • Their delicate design makes them unsuitable for heavy use. 
  • They require professional installation. 
  • The kitchen cabinets are not included in the price of the modular kitchen. 
  • Modular kitchens can cost more than standard ones if you are not careful. 

The Modular Kitchen Layout 

One of the most common arrangements utilised nowadays is the modular kitchen. With this layout, homeowners may quickly and affordably increase the size of their kitchen. Families that do not have enough counter space or who just wish to expand their kitchen space have a lot of options, including modular kitchens. 

The structure of a modular kitchen is made to fit within the existing framework of the house. The flooring, appliances, and even the cabinetry may all be changed to give the appearance of an entirely other area. A modular kitchen may be laid out in a variety of ways. Some individuals want open kitchens, while others choose ones that are closed. In contrast to a closed kitchen, which keeps everything hidden, an open kitchen lets you see what you are doing. If you enjoy cooking, it makes sense that you would want to choose an open kitchen. 

Here are some of the options to choose from. From standard cabinets to custom cabinetry, there is something for everyone.

With the right design and layout, a modular kitchen can offer more storage options and counter space than a conventional kitchen. 

1. Parallel Modular Kitchen Design 

You may optimise your workplace while maintaining order with a parallel kitchen design. This kitchen design arrangement conserves space and keeps everything organised. The additional room might be used to add another sink. 

Two independent spaces make up the kitchen. Cooking takes place on one side, while cleaning is done on the other. Since neither room has any doors to seal it off, keeping the food clean and organised is simple. 

The kitchen is spacious, making it simple to manoeuvre about without running into anything. You may alter the size of the kitchen using the modular modules in accordance with the amount of available space. Simply add more modules to your order if you wish to grow. 

2. Island Modular Kitchen Design 

One of the most common trends in modern home renovation is the island counter kitchen design. With this kind of kitchen, you may enjoy cooking as your visitors dine. You may also use it to amuse your loved ones and friends. 

Due to the relaxed atmosphere it produces, the island counter kitchen design is growing in popularity. Since everything is accessible, there is no place for clutter. 

This style of kitchen is simple to keep and clean. You do not have to be concerned about causing the flooring any harm if you decide to adjust. 

Under the island surface, storage cupboards are a simple addition. These cabinets are available in a variety of designs and sizes. Even some versions come with shelves and drawers.

A conventional kitchen design can also incorporate high-end appliances and smart technology, making it a more modern and convenient space for cooking and entertaining. 

3. L-Shaped Modular Kitchen Design 

If you are searching for a little kitchen area, a modular L-shaped design is perfect. In this style of kitchen layout, two walls will meet perpendicularly, and one wall should be about twice if the other. Because there are no uncomfortable corners in these designs, cooking is made easy. 

This design’s ergonomics let you work comfortably while cooking. Every area of the countertop is easily accessible without requiring excessive movement. 

For smaller rooms, modular kitchens are fantastic solutions. They provide you the option to alter your kitchen’s appearance and atmosphere to suit your requirements. 

Modular Kitchen Storage 

You can efficiently personalise your area with modular kitchen storage. A practical method to maximise space is using drawer storage. You can better manage your space using corner storage. Overall, a modular kitchen design enables you to gradually add more amenities while maintaining the aesthetics of your current kitchen. 

How to Choose the Best Modular Kitchens? 

The Indian market is flooded with varieties of modular kitchens which are available in different shapes, sizes, and colours. Considering the Indian style of cooking, granite is regarded as the best material for countertops while aluminium, marble, lacquered wood or even steel is preferred for cabinets and drawers. When choosing a modular kitchen design, consider the following factors: 

1. Understanding what works for you and your family 

There are many factors that affect the amount of storage space needed in your home. Some aspects like children, pets, hobbies, and hectic schedules can make it difficult to keep up with clutter. However, there are some basic guidelines to follow to help you figure out how much space you really need. 

The size of your home will play a role in determining the amount of storage space you require. If you live in a small apartment or condominium, you will want to focus on maximising the space you do have. You will find that a smaller house requires less storage space than a large one. 

Questions around Size – 

  • How big does your current kitchen need to be? 
  • Are you planning to buy a bigger house soon? 
  • Do you already have a small kitchen and you want to give it a facelift? 

Then, a modular kitchen design will suit perfectly. 

Whether you require a large or small pantry should depend on your family’s demands. For instance, if you intend to hold dinner parties frequently, you should spend money on a big pantry. On the other hand, you can think about having a smaller pantry if you do not anticipate hosting many parties. 

You must also consider how many people are residing in your house. You will want more storage space than someone who lives alone if you have a big family. This is so that everyone has a place to keep their food, preferences, and other possessions. 

2. Managing space 

The best solution for a kitchen with little space is a ready-made kitchen. They are adaptable, simple to install, and available in a variety of styles. 

Storage Area – 

  • How essential is storage to you? 
  • Would you want a large refrigerator or pantry? Maybe a dishwasher? 
  • Will you use a cooktop, grill, microwave, or sink? 

A modular kitchen design can incorporate any or all these elements. 



Modular kitchen designs are widely accessible nowadays in a wide variety of styles. They come in both classic and modern styles. Traditional designs frequently include wood cabinets, but contemporary ones use stainless steel. Make sure the style you select matches both your lifestyle and your budget. 

If you want to conserve space while maintaining order and organisation, a modular kitchen system is an excellent choice. You will not have to be concerned about wasting space if you choose a modular kitchen system. Instead, anytime you want to, you can easily add on to your current kitchen. You can also enjoy the benefits of a modular kitchen without breaking the bank. Most manufacturers offer affordable prices, making it easier for everyone to afford one. 

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