How to Safely and Properly Store Your Winter Clothes

Store Your Winter Clothes
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Some might have experienced chilling minus temperatures, while others would have gotten by with only a cool breeze during the evening and night. Either way, it’s time now to bid farewell to the cold weather. Properly store your winter clothes is important for their longevity and quality.

Winter clothes would be making their way to your bed boxes and the back of the closet. However, there is an art to storage that few people bother to learn. Below is a roadmap to initiate you in the art of storing winter gear like a pro:

Begin by assessing your winter wear situation.

Are there sweaters, gloves, or boots that you are unnecessarily holding onto? Sentimental reasons aside, are you keeping items because you think they ‘might come in use’ someday? Are you a hoarder? If yes, then it is time to properly assess your belongings and decide what truly needs to be kept and what doesn’t.

A large part of the storage process is made easier if you take the time to sort and declutter. So, do not miss out on it and carry a thorough examination of your winter wear.

Out of these items, decide which ones you want to keep and which ones you want to ditch. For the ones that you want to keep:

  • Clean them thoroughly. Snow, mud, and dust blowing on desolate winter roads can all taint your clothes and shoes. Wash them properly before going ahead with storage.
  • Protect them with eco-friendly repellents like lavender, cinnamon sachets, or cedar. Age-old dried neem leaves also work like a charm and are readily available.

For the items that you’ll keep, opt for a vacuum sealed storage bag.

If you are a mountaineer for example or are fond of traveling to the Himalayas or Siberia during winters, then your winter wear is heavier and bulkier than most. Not to mention, it can take up a lot of space wherever it is kept.

If you have no explorer aspirations during winters and stay at home, then you would have other kinds of gear. Namely, a lot of razais, blankets, and heaters stowed away in cupboards or under beds. And if you buy a new piece in any of the 3 categories, then space is your house is bound to get filled up quickly. How will you reclaim it when summer arrives?

A good solution is to pack all of this gear into individual vacuum sealed storage bags and to keep these bags in a self-storage facility. Also, throw in a few humidity packs to keep the humidity out. Be sure to label it all so that it can be quickly retrieved should you need it urgently.

You can get a unit of the exact (or very close to exact) size that you need and even add your lighter winter wear if there is a shortage of space at your house. Especially useful for people who live in lofts or inner-city apartments.

Bulky or cashmere sweaters that can be kept at your house, should be placed in durable clothing boxes. Hanging them can stretch them and ruin their shape. You can get these storage boxes online or in shops and slide them under the bed.

Always store your winter clothes in cool, clean, dry, and dark location. Cool and dry are the most important factors. Your storeroom can have higher temperatures. So, seek out a self-storage facility where you can find the temperatures you need.

Yes, this might be the first time that you are taking care of your winter clothes this way. But the satisfaction that you’ll get when you pull them out next year and find them in tip-top shape is priceless. So go get going and get winter storing!