10 Best Bedroom Paint Colour Ideas for a Dreamy Space

Designed to help us unwind after a long day, bedrooms are supposed to be peaceful places. We should expect our bedrooms to match that feeling. There are many inexpensive ways to refresh your space, whether you want to make a small alteration or go all out with a dramatic overhaul. These colours, ranging from pale […]

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By Manjali Khosla | Last Updated: March 29, 2023 | 12 min read

Designed to help us unwind after a long day, bedrooms are supposed to be peaceful places. We should expect our bedrooms to match that feeling. There are many inexpensive ways to refresh your space, whether you want to make a small alteration or go all out with a dramatic overhaul. These colours, ranging from pale blue to gold, complement many diverse types of interior design. Additionally, they will assist you in setting up a relaxing environment that is ideal for unwinding after a long day. The greatest approach to ensure that you are getting enough sleep is to decorate your bedroom with a calming colour scheme. If you’re looking for some inspiration for your bedroom’s colour palette, check out these 10 best bedroom paint colour ideas.

Using a soothing colour scheme will make it easier for you to fall asleep and keep you feeling tranquil all night. You can experiment with colours to create your ideal space; you are not required to keep to neutral hues like white or cream.

For ideas, we have compiled a list of the top 10-bedroom paint colours.

1. Combine Palm Green and Chartreuse

Chartreuse and palm green go together beautifully. They complement one other extremely well and are both quite energetic. It is advisable to avoid mixing these two colours together immediately if you wish to utilise them. Choose one colour instead and combine it with a different hue.

Using the lightest shade of palm green and the darkest shade of chartreuse as an example. Alternately, you may add a tiny touch of chartreuse to the palest shade of palm green. You will still achieve a pleasing contrast in this manner. Even different shades of the same colour are acceptable. You might, for instance, combine a light shade of palm green with a darker shade of chartreuse. Try blending two hues of the same colour as well.

The most crucial thing to keep in mind is not to combine the two colours directly. Choose one colour instead, then blend a second colour into it.

2. Add Dusky Plums

One of the most crucial choices you will make when remodelling a bedroom is the colour scheme. It is frequently challenging to know where to begin because there are so many different techniques to attain a specific appearance. Warm colours like orange, yellow, pink, and purple are good choices if you want to make a space feel cosy and inviting. These hues are linked to contentment and relaxation. Try using some cool tones like green, turquoise, and aqua for a more refined look. Darker colours like navy, burgundy, and chocolate brown should only be used sparingly because they tend to take over a room.

3. Mix Forest Green and Mustard Yellow

The colours mustard yellow and forest green are ideal for establishing a soothing atmosphere. Due to their differences, they complement one another nicely. A sense of harmony and balance is produced as a result. You can also utilise any one by itself. These two colours go together nicely in areas where you want to unwind. You may decide to keep the colours bright and airy if you reside in a busy region.

These two hues can be blended with any kind of paint. To determine what looks best in your home, experiment with it in several ways.

4. Blend Mint Green with Grey

The earthy-toned colour of mint green complements the neutral shade of whites and greys effectively. This colour combination contrasts with both light and dark colours, which gives the room a peaceful appearance. If there is nothing else in the space to contrast with a neutral colour like white, it can occasionally look dull. To create a sense of peace and order in this situation, you may add some grey.

Grey is a fantastic option for bathrooms as well. It promotes tranquilly and aids in maintaining order and cleanliness.

5. Use Midnight Blue with Blush Pink

A restful colour that works well in bedrooms is midnight blue. Pink gives the room a playful, lively feel. Blush pink evokes feelings of cosiness and warmth. They work well together as a unit.

For bedrooms, white or cream are good options because they complement the walls. Living rooms look excellent painted in vibrant hues like red or orange, especially if you pick accent walls. The most crucial thing you need to know about designing your bedroom is that it does not have to be dull.

6. Work in Subtle Pastel Pattern

Although pastels are sometimes linked with children’s rooms, this colour combination works great in any room that might need a bit more personality and subtleness. A striped rug or carpet keeps things basic while adding patterns. Pick a pale grey colour for the walls and a darker grey for the furniture. Add some plants to the room for additional charm.

7. Stick to Sophisticated Charcoal Grey

One of these colours you may utilise in any room of your home is grey. Try combining grey tones with warm wood finishes for a grey colour scheme that appears contemporary and sophisticated. Choose a lighter finish, like the white oak, for an oak impression, or a deeper finish, like dark mahogany. This adds depth and character to the space while yet keeping it elegant and tidy.

9. Create a Sunny Scheme with Mellow Yellow

Yellow is a cheerful colour that makes us feel energised and content. It has a cosy, airy feeling to it. Rooms, where we spend most of our indoor time, are ideal for this warm colour. Bedrooms, study areas, kitchens, and bathrooms frequently feature yellow as a decorative theme.

  • Why not let some sunlight into your house as it is always shining somewhere?

Bright colours like lemon yellow, buttery yellow, golden yellow, or even mustard yellow should be used to paint your walls and ceilings. To make your home appear brighter, you can also use lighter colours like cream or pastel yellow. You will feel happier and more upbeat in a yellow-painted space. You will be able to concentrate on your goals for the future. Pick a hue of yellow that makes you feel happy if you want to lift your mood.

9. Go for Regal Mix of Plum and Gold

A timeless colour combination that complements each other effectively is plum and gold. Due to its compatibility with a wide range of hues, this shade of blue is particularly adaptable. It might be utilised in any room, including a dining area, kitchen, living room, or bathroom. Avoid blending too many hues when selecting a colour scheme and try to keep with one dominant hue. This colour scheme not only looks good, but it also imparts a tranquil and serene feeling.

10. Work with Warm Brown Tones

Warm browns, earthy greens, and deep reds make up most of the colour pallet used in combination with other hues, but they can also be used on their own as part of a neutral colour scheme. Since they go well with so many other colours in your home, including neutrals like white, grey, black, and cream, this colour family may be used anywhere. Consider beginning with a few accent pieces in these colours if you want to be safe. Items with similar tones are widely available in retailers like Ikea and Homecenter.

Try combining a couple of assorted colours if you would want to go stronger. Consider contrasting a chestnut brown sofa with one that is lighter or even one that is darker with one that is lighter. Consider where the piece of furniture will be used and what else will be in the room when choosing colours. A self-storage facility like Self Storage India can come to your aid when you are renovating or painting your home. Furniture can be prone to stains and unwanted paints on your most precious items, to avoid this you can rent a self-storage unit that can house your items and keep them safe.

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