Covid-19 Precautionary

As a responsible company committed to the welfare of the country, and to serve our customers, Self Storage India has been carefully monitoring and tracking the Covid-19 situation.

Covid-19 Precautionary Measures

The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown life out of gear for everyone in this world. Now, more than ever, the health and wellness of everyone are of utmost priority. As a responsible company committed to the welfare of the country, and to serve our customers, Self Storage India has been carefully monitoring and tracking the Covid-19 situation. We have taken the utmost care at our facilities and have been active in providing preventive measures right from the beginning of lockdown.

Social distancing, sanitation, hygiene, and no-contact methods are now essential aspects of everyone’s lives. Now is the time when not just individuals but also companies step up their act to ensure that guidelines from the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as government and public health authorities are followed.

We realize the seriousness of the situation and understand that many of our customers and those in the supply chain may be impacted because of the outcome of Covid-19. However, we would like to reassure you that Self Storage India has been at the front of ensuring that every guideline and precautionary measure is being actively taken and provided. As and when the guidelines change, we ensure that we comply with all necessary requirements.

Message from the CEO – Manjali Khosla

“These are definitely unprecedented times. As much as you are anxious about the pandemic, we are also deeply troubled by it. But, we want you to know that we are with you through this. No matter what worry you may have, we are here to help you. Difficult times come and go, but human relations are what last. For us, our relation with our customers and employees is of utmost importance. We shall get through this, too, together and emerge successful on the other side.

“We would like to ease your worries by providing our customers and partners with an update on what we have been doing.

Steps taken to Support Employees

Our employees are the core of what makes Self Storage India run effortlessly. All employees are our family. There is no compromise in their physical and psychological health. Therefore, our first step was to ensure that their health and safety is given top priority. Everyone has been asked to work from home and minimize their outdoor activities.

We regularly get updates from our employees regarding their health, safety, and whether they have enough food in stock. Additionally, there are frequent sessions where we talk to them individually to understand the state of their mind and allay any fears they may have about the ongoing crisis or the company. Those stationed at the warehouses have to undergo frequently use hand sanitizer or washing their hands with soap for at least 20 seconds, wear a mask at all times as well as maintaining distance from other employees. We’ve also taken special care to ensure that not too many people are present at once. A shift system has been put in place to maintain an adequate time gap between people. The warehouses are also sanitized regularly to ensure hygiene levels are maintained.

This is an unprecedented situation, and everyone is in it together. This is the time to show love and support.

Extra Covid-19 Precautions for Customers

It is natural that you would hesitate to undertake a visit. But, we would like to assure you that your safety and requirements are at the forefront right now. All our resources have been re-aligned to ensure that proper hygiene and cleanliness are undertaken at all places in the warehouse. Our clients are an integral part of the Self Storage India family too. As per government instructions, our warehouse will open for clients. Whenever a customer would like to visit his or her storage room or locker, there will be a thorough process followed.

Whenever a customer shows his interest in visiting his unit, a sanitization process is undertaken before the visit. Once he has concluded his visit, a secondary sanitation process takes place. This process is religiously followed for every customer, with no exceptions. We have put in place dedicated staff to take care of the hygiene of the whole area.

We would also request you to adhere to our protocols and come prepared when you pay a visit. This includes wearing a mask at all times when you are on the premises and sanitizing your hands. When you encounter another member on the premises, we advise you to keep a distance of two meters from them. If you feel unwell or have cough or difficulty breathing, we advise you to stay home rather than coming to the warehouse.

We are as committed to keeping you safe, healthy, and content as you are. That is why, during these difficult times, the company is taking extra steps so that no customer is inconvenienced or finds any fault in our sanitization process. We assure you that there isn’t any need to fear.

As far as the warehouse premises are concerned, the hygiene process that we follow ensures that every corner of the place is well cleaned with a disinfectant. This especially includes places that may be frequently visited or touched, such as doorknobs, handles, lifts, staircases, etc.

Contactless Move-In Facility Available

There is, of course, certain anxiety in stepping out of the home, and we understand that. That is why there is no need to pay a visit unless it is absolutely urgent. Our contactless move-in facility can be availed if you’re looking to shift something to our storage room. In this way, you can stay safe inside your home and still look for options.

You can email us or call us for reservations, book and make payments online, and even speak to the manager over call in case you have any queries. If you’re looking to shift something into a Self Storage India facility, you have to merely opt for one of these options and book your place. You can simply skip the hassle of visiting the counter at our office or at the warehouse.

Our pick-up and drop-off facility may also be available. We request our customers to check in with the company representatives to clarify working hours, availability of staff, as well as other service requirements before they pay a visit. Online payments are highly encouraged since it minimizes the need to visit the ATM and withdraw money as well as come into contact with someone else by travelling to make the payment. This will ensure that all your demands are met without having to leave your home and without interacting with any other person. It is important that each one of us takes as much effort as we can to maintain social distancing and keep away from public places.

We do request that our customers bear with us. Working with a reduced staff may lead to a slight delay in our responses, but we will ensure we connect with you as soon as possible.

If you have any other questions, you can even reach out to us via one of our social media handles. We will continue to monitor the progress of the pandemic. Our safety and hygiene requirements will also be updated as and when we get instructions from health authorities.

We request everyone who visits our warehouse to please cooperate with the Self Storage India staff for all necessary checks and follow our protocols. This is for the benefit of everyone involved. It may feel like a hassle but it is crucial that these important steps are not ignored. All our staff and employees have been trained to understand the situation, and accordingly act and behave with customers.

Most importantly, we urge you to stay calm, stay safe, practice good hygiene habits, maintain social distancing and lockdown rules, keep away from outdoor activities as much as possible, and play your best role in ensuring this pandemic is brought into control. A little precaution can go a long way in staying healthy and safe.

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